Olympus EP-2 is near

Olympus EP-2 leaks continue to show up online which is a good indication that announcement is imminent and very close:


The next picture is the electronic viewfinder VF-2 (Google translation):

An external installation, E-P2-specific high-resolution electronic viewfinder, which has 1.44 million pixels, 100% field of vision and 1.15x magnification, while the ultra-high contrast and brightness characteristics of the video camera can even add an external color comparable to the viewfinder. It also provides a refractive adjustment function.

External microphone adapter EMA-1:

Shoe accessory attachment port and allows you to use the optional stereo microphone to achieve high-quality stereo linear PCM recording.

* Can not be installed on the accessory shoe used in conjunction.


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  • Jimmy Go

    As per the EP-2 translations from Mandarin:
    Electronic viewfinder VF-2:
    “An external device, EP-2 specific …………………………….1.15X magnification, while the ultra high contrast and brightness characteristics is comparable to that of an optical viewfinder. It also provides adjustable angle of view.
    *Cannot be use on the hot-shoe when other accessory is ibeing use on the hot-shoe”
    The oiher translation should also be:
    ” *Cannot be use on the hot-shoe when other accessory is being use on the hot-shoe”

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