Rumor: Kodak will unveil a new 3D DSLR camera at CES

kodak-logoYes, you read this right - the rumor is Kodak's “entirely new type of camera” could be a 3D DSLR camera. Kodak used to make DSLR cameras before and it seems that they have found a niche market and decided to explore it. Just few days ago Kodak reported 26% drop in sales (source: WSJ) and I can imagine how the company can become more aggressive and try to introduce something new.

I cannot mention the source of this rumor, but I consider it serious enough to publish it here.

At CES (January 2010 in Las Vegas) Kodak is also expected to announce a new version of the Kodak Zi8 pocket camcorder.

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  • Ed

    I’d love to see them get serious about high quality cameras and start by releasing a micro 4/3 camera. I don’t consider a 3D DSLR to be a serious camera though, and it would only boost Kodak as a gimmicky player in the camera business.

  • Just A Thought

    This makes TONS of sense.
    Well present day flat panel HD TV is going to be replaced by 3D TV. Should see High End sets from Panasonic and Sony within a year. Apparently no glasses are needed. Probably within 5 years you will only be able to buy a new 3D TV – HD TV will go the way of picture tube TVs – they have started to dump 720P sets which will be followed by 1080P sets..

    Ok, if that is the plan then where will the media come from?
    3D video will be the next big thing. Now since DSLR can do video then the next step would be 3D video on a DSLR. By the time the 3D TVs start rolling out, Kodak will have a few generations under their belt. Patents and License deals for Kodak along with hardware sales.

    “But” the one who starts first is not always the one who wins in the end. Hope that Kodak learned that one from their DSLR experieince. If Kodak is going this route this early then watch for RED. Then watch for the Japanese response from Sony and Canon.

    The folks who are stuck in the “why video in a DSLR rut”.will have even more to moan about while the future passes them by.

  • NikoDoby

    Could this Kodak 3D camera come in a Nikon Dslr body? I hope you don’t have to wear 3D glasses to look through the viewfinder.

    • WoutK89

      hehe, 3d through 1 eye is difficult to realize, so that would mean a double viewfinder

  • Rokkon On!

    Someone shoot me before 3D takes over TV, please!

    Then again, if I have to see Keith Olbermann and Glenn Beck smirking in 3D, I’ll probably drown in a pool of my own vomit anyway.

  • Adam

    Hmm, I understand the logic with video, but photos?

  • Sky

    It’d be something really odd – the 3D DSLR. Why? Cause there are 2 ways to get 3D in cameras – both will look stupid in DSLRs.
    – 1. You can use 2 lenses – that will bring something similar to (already mentioned) Franke & Heidecke cameras – only horizontal. The body would be 2 or at least 1.5x the size of current DSLRs making it really huge and heavy. Also buying 2 identical lenses to support it would be uber-expensive (imagine now that for each lens you have to pay double the price).
    – 2. You can make it Sony’s way (and pay for patent) – set of 4 mirrors in front of dual sensors, but: Or you remove the optical viewfinder – what would SUX. Or you make the camera 2 times longer (to fit the flapping mirror) and create the new line of lenses, possibly with new bayonets – what would be way too expensive.

    So…. I don’t see an DSLR with 3D.
    More likely it’ll be large sensor camera, more like in compact/hybrid cameras – or micro3/4 with 2 sensors and 2 lenses. It’ll be uber-expensive but will work… yet it’s NOT a DSLR.

    • WoutK89

      m4/3 and 3d, that’ll be two rumors in one 😛

  • Thomas

    I have a 3D setup made out of 2x Canon 20D… yes, of course it doubles the price of everything, lenses, bodies… but, as you see, DSLR + 3D makes some sense… probably not for everybody, but let’s see how the Real 3D from Fuji will be sold. And if Fuji found a market niche (the price of the camera is really attractive) – why not having a camera that is maybe twice the price but with a superior optical quality (DSLR). I’d be happy – though it is only a rumor….:-)

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