Pentax K-7: LED flash?

There were some reports that the K-7 may not have a built-in flash (which doesn't make any sense to me), but now LED flash? The first picture (with LED flash) could be a PS job:



Another mystery knob under the flash button.

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  • John

    Auto-focus lights maybe? Makes you wonder what the other usual lamp would be then.

  • Rob Z

    It looks like a plug covering a PC sync terminal, not a knob.

  • fs999

    No it is the X-Sync connection…

  • Cluebat


    It’s clear you’re not a very experienced photog; that is the PC Sync port, as someone has rightfully pointed out. May I suggest going through some camera history first to prevent more embarrasing posts in the future.

    • rd3

      Cluebat – I did not know what that button is for and I am a pro, I just don’t use Pentax.

    • Did I ever say that I am “a very experienced photog”?

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