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Tomorrow is May 26th :)

Update: Olympus uploaded another video today (Olympus Pen EE) – I guess they will cover the whole Pen history until Jun 16th and then announce the new m4/3 camera – note that the updates are every week on Tuesday: last update was on May 26 (today – Tuesday), next one is on June 2nd (Tuesday), […]

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New Pentax lenses leaked?

Those pictures appears to be from a new Pentax lenses roadmap (here is a link to the current, official roadmap). The new lenses are: DFA 20mm/2.8 SDM DFA 645 25mm/2.8 DFA 645 55mm/2.8  DFA 50mm/1.0 SDM  DA 135mm/2.8 LIMITED  DA 400mm/4 ED (IF) SDM Source

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Post rating system implemented

At the bottom of each post you will see the like & dislike buttons. Please use this system to rate the actual post and not the validity of the content/rumor or your personal Nikon preferences/expectations (I will be adding separate polls for that when appropriate). Based on your feedback I will make future adjustments: you […]

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Sony a500 and a550 coming soon?

The web site offers some interesting choices when you attempt to register your new Sony camera: DSLRA350KCF  DSLRA380L  DSLRA380S  DSLRA500  DSLRA500S  DSLRA550  DSLRA550S  DSLRA700  DSLRA700P  DSLRA900 Many Sony fans were disappointed when the last set of new DSLRs did not have any video capture. I think we can be certain that the Sony a500 and […]

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Pentax D-FA 50mm f/1.0 SDM?

I call this rumor busted. Source

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Pentax lenses price increase

Pentax Normal SMCP-FA 50mm f/1.4 Autofocus Lens is now $249.95     Pentax Normal SMCP-DA 40mm f/2.8 Limited Autofocus Lens is now $314.95 (up from $269)    

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Latest Olympus patents

Patents are difficult to read unless you have a PhD. Not all patents make it to the production line, but it is still very interesting to see where the R&D effort is spent. Here are the latest Olympus patent applications made public just few days ago: CAMERA HAVING A DUST-PROOFING MEMBER THAT IS VIBRATED TO REMOVE DUST: A camera includes […]

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Apple to re-enter digital camera business?

Lately a lot of speculations have emerged that the next version of iPhone/iPod will have a better built-in camera that will turn those devices into a “digital photography computer” (source). The article also points out that Apple was in the digital camera business back in 1994 with the Apple QuickTake digital camera line: Source: eBay Source: eBay

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