Samsung GX-30 is near

The Samsung GX-30 rumor was first reported here a month ago. There are some reports that the actual name will be NX-30 instead of GX-30. Expect similar specs as the Pentax K-7:

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  • helper

    this are old “nx” pictures!!!
    look here for example:

  • Xian

    In Soth Korea the official presentation will be the July 7th and will have 3 cameras:
    -GX30 (DSLR)
    -NX3 (Hybrid camera)
    -HZ30W / WB700 (compact camera)

    • Thanks – I will post this. I got another tip for the same date. Let me know if you get any more info/pictures.

  • Can you see the F/1.2 symbol on the bottom side of screen? Is it the new pentax lens (50mm f1.0)???

  • deF

    If it’s K7 equvalent, what happend with second (back) dial? What about AF wheel selector?

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