Fuji: no new DSLR in 2009

"Fuji is not manufacturing a pro camera for this year," said Diane Rainey, Group Manager for Fujifilm.

Does this mean that they will be one coming out next year? Fuji S6 PRo?

Fuji S6 Pro?

found this image on flickr - probably a fake

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  • It’s pretty bizarre how Fuji uses Nikon bodies.. They should design their own, with their own control interface, otherwise there’s not much selling point between Nikon and Fuji besides different sensor tech.

    • rwpl

      its not a good idea. they would end up like like sigma – cool sensor, crap body. Wont work.

      • Not necessarily.

        Nikon bodies are really sweet though, I love my D80/D300, much nicer to hold than any Canons I’ve used.

        • rwpl

          You just kind off confirmed my words 😉

    • Bill

      Fuji is part of Fujimot Industries. They could buy Nikon with their pocket change if they were really inerested in producing a camera.

  • Alex

    Thats a Nikon D3 body… Sorry 🙂

  • Max

    I was at a fuji product night for my company earlier in the year and I asked the rep whether they had any plans for DSLRs and his response was that they “put a super ccd FF sensor in a d700 body but nikon canned it”. I tried to hold back my laughter as I thought it mean spirited to laugh in his face.

  • rwpl

    BTW …. It has NOT begun 😉

  • THX

    Looks like a S3 body.

  • ed

    its an old picture of an S3 body, that picture has been around for a while-according to thom hogan, a new camera based on the d-400 was to be released at photokina last year, but the “S6” and the D-400 were both never released for whatever reason-there is a big thread about it in the fuji dslr forum at DPR.

    • Thom Hogan doesn’t know – he is just guessing like everybody else (including me) and the above post (and many other) confirms it.

  • regular

    O course I would be glad to see a new Fuji DSLR.
    But Fuji should really release a new Natura S compact camera, maybe a digital version with full-frame sensor… even if I would personally prefer a film camera:)

  • EdShan

    Ok, so the picture is fake. But a new fujifilm camera should be in development.

    When a new Fujifilm camera comes out, I guess it should have this type of sensor:


    Sounds pretty promising.

    and about the “put a super ccd FF sensor in a d700 body but nikon canned it”. I don’t understand why that has to be laughable. Enlighten me.

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