Olympus confirmed: pro Pen camera in the future

BJP did an interview with Akira Watanabe and Miquel Angel Garcia from Olympus - they have big plans for the future of 4/3 format:

"Of course, Olympus is looking to attract pro shooters, Garcia says, and one way to do that is with a viewfinder and integrated flash, which the E-P1 lacks. 'Our main focus with this first model has been to make a compact camera to attract the users from the compact market,' he says. However, professional photographers wishing for a viewfinder will see their wishes granted, according to Watanabe. 'We are now preparing for future products to incorporate a electronic viewfinder,' as well as a flash, he says."

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  • I think if they made it a rangefinder instead of using an EVF, it would be better suited for professionals. Seeing as it’s meant to be compact etc, it could be the ultimate street photography camera (ignoring Leica, of course).

  • Rick

    i think this is rather exciting though I think they would have been better served by introducing this camera first. I think that the larger immediate market will be the people who have a DSLR and want a second “pro-compact” camera. This statement effectively puts off those buyers until the “real” camera is announced.

  • electronic viewfinder for professionals! what bullshit… solving the problem of looking in a screen by peeking into an even smaller screen! This can’t be true!

  • regular

    I may be interested in a pen with rangefinder.

  • Tomas

    When did built-in flash become a ‘pro’ feature?

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