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Rumor: Olympus to introduce three new PEN cameras in 2011

Photoradar reports that Olympus will announce three new PEN cameras this year: “Olympus plans to release a high-performance PEN camera with touchscreen technology – possibly the PEN Pro reported earlier this month – as well as a mid-range PEN camera with a tilt screen and a PEN camera with flash in the original PEN EP-1 design.” The first […]

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Olympus PEN Pro version is 2-3 years away

Megapixels interviewed Dominic Papenheim from Olympus Europe and published some interesting hints. Olympus sees the PEN camera line as their future: On the question about a future Olympus PEN Pro model that was part of the presentation, the Olympus representative answered:

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Olympus confirmed: pro Pen camera in the future

BJP did an interview with Akira Watanabe and Miquel Angel Garcia from Olympus – they have big plans for the future of 4/3 format: “Of course, Olympus is looking to attract pro shooters, Garcia says, and one way to do that is with a viewfinder and integrated flash, which the E-P1 lacks. ‘Our main focus with this […]

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