Olympus PEN Pro version is 2-3 years away

Megapixels interviewed Dominic Papenheim from Olympus Europe and published some interesting hints.

Olympus sees the PEN camera line as their future:

On the question about a future Olympus PEN Pro model that was part of the presentation, the Olympus representative answered:

"We see the mirrorless system as the future of digital photography. In 5-10 years reflex cameras will be a niche or will not be there at all. So we believe that PEN in the long run will also be in the professional market – but that will take maybe 2-3 years. In 2011 you will see more PEN products and more lenses (beyond what was discussed in the presentation)."

In an interview back in 2009, Olympus also mentioned that they are working on professional PEN products including electronic viewfinder and flash.

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  • broxibear

    “We see the mirrorless system as the future of digital photography. In 5-10 years reflex cameras will be a niche or will not be there at all.” ?
    So it’s got nothing to do with the fact that Olympus were never able to bring a competative dslr to the market ?
    Mirrorless probably is the future for consumers and some enthusiasts, but I still see working photographers using dslrs in 10 years time.

    • CRB

      I AGREE….with still cripped sensors, Oly has a long way…and 2-3 years is a LONG way…many things can change…sony will be far advanced then…

    • Sky

      About this “supposed” doom of DSLRs I hear all the way since 2008 when first 4/3 mirrorless was released. We’ve got 2011 now and what has changed? Nothing. Mirrorless is still 2nd grade small camera what’s far away from being any kind of work tool.

      So IMO there’s no doubt that nothing will change any time soon.

  • ZDP-189

    Olympus Pros: I shot all yesterday with a Pen that had a crippled sensor. It was a Pen FT half frame SLR, though, rather than a m4/3. It was a joy to use and produces great photos that offer the quality I need, if not quite ‘pro-quality’.

    Olympus Cons: So the “Professional Pen” is going to be an Olympus E-6 without the pentaprism and mirror? But I don’t know any professionals that use an Olympus E four thirds system.

  • asdasd

    olympus and “pro” in one sentence doesn’t quite compute. Actually it is an oxymoron. So whatever they think, they not only show that they are pro-market irrelevant but that it will also stay that way.

  • Sky

    So Olympus users need to wait “couple of years” to get ANY new advanced camera? Ouch… looks like company screwed it’s clients.

  • moth

    Aside from the sensors being lame – how many “pro’s” (not that I am) are really going to ditch their lenses, and get new ones from the comprehensive range on the market ….. How much is the Olympuss M4/3’s – F/4 150-500mm AF VR again? Just PR fluff from a bloke who knows he’ll be out of a job before 2 or 3 years is out.

  • getho

    I will happily say goodbye to the viewfinder when the entire back of my camera is a 1080p display, I’ll give that about 4 years. It wont faze me for second going mirrorless, I already find myself pushing the “zoom in” button whilst using the optical viewfinder – I’ve got that used to doing my critical focussing in live view.

    • Eric

      that would be the day i buy a leica m. No stinkin LCD screen for me, i want a nice REAL view of what im doing… then again i also think film is decades ahead of digital.

  • Scandal!

  • Glen Barrington

    2-3 years is too long to wait for a camera whose predecessors haven’t even had a viewfinder. By then, the Fuji X300 will be out! I like my Olympus DSLR (E30) I like it a lot, but I’m not waiting that long for a camera I have no confidence in from a company I have no confidence in.

  • Shaking my head

    What is wrong with Olympus? This is the E-1, E-3, and E-5 all over again. Release a token product once every 3 years while every other company is busy taking all of your business.

    • spam

      Olympus don’t seem to get that FT and MFT will never be (popular) pro systems. E1, E3 and E5 was a waste, fortunately the Pro MFT is still some years ahead so Olympus still have time to stop that project. Prosumer models certainly, but please Olympus, don’t waste more resources on “pro” models that can’t even compete with prosumer models from other brands, except for build quality.

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