Two full frame Sony DSLRs this summer

I got a tip about two new full frame Sony DSLRs coming out this August:  one will be pro, above the current  a900 model and another one that is suppose to be very cheap,  under $1000. Full frame for under $1000? I don't know...  I am expecting more info on this rumor.

On the same topic, few weeks ago somebody on dpreview listed Sony's DSLR future release schedule (note that this is also an unconfirmed rumor):

  • 130 with HD video, only LCD, no EVF 14 MP 2010
  • 260 with HD video 14 MP 2010
  • 360 with HD video 14 MP 2010
  • 400 with HD video 18 MP 2010
  • 500 with HD video 14 MP 2009
  • 550 with HD video 18 MP 2009
  • 730 with HD video 18 MP 2010
  • 800 with HD video 24 MP 2010
  • 930 with HD video 30 MP 2011
  • 1000 with HD video 30 MP - will combine video and photo function as has never been done before - revolutionary camera 2011

The last leak on Sony's website was the Sony a500 and a550 DSLR cameras and I think we will definitely see those very soon.

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  • Bryan

    Under $2k I can see, but under $1k is impossible currently IMO. Did any specs of this above A900 camera get sent?

    • no, I did not get any details but I was promised more info

      • Bryan

        Still, $1k seems impossible. A FF chip, prism, and anti shake mechanism alone likely cost close to that.

        • regular

          I really think the first company to introduce a cheap FF body will easily conquer a large market share. Every company is fighting for this 800-1000$ market segment (think D90, etc) like during the gold rush, but none has a real differentiator.

      • lenswideopen

        Did you get any information about when you will get an update on that rumour?

        Somehow, I’ve seen the variations of this rumour once too often….

        • no, I was not given a timeline but if they will release those in August (if true) we should know more in the next few weeks.

  • Dan

    An under $1k full-frame DSLR would be very successful for Sony.
    Something like a consumer class FF for the advanced enthusiast:

    10-12mp FF Sensor
    3″ Screen
    Polycarbonate body
    No Live View & Video like the A900

    They could very well adapt the same strategy as the PS3 and sell the body at a loss and make up on the lenses.
    Though, perhaps something along $1500 is more realistic.

    • James

      Try more like 3FPS(IMO).

      • Larry Bill

        Yeah, you’re right, 3fps is more realistic. A 12mp FF would probably sell really well for $999. They’d have to really screw it up for me not to get one.

  • I saw that DPR spec list the other day and don’t think you can put much faith in that. I mean c’mon, an a130 model with HD video, but no LV….? that doesn’t even make sense. It’s quite impractical and unrealistic for a camera like this.

    • WoutK89

      where does it say no Live view? It says Video, only LCD no EVF (electronic viewfinder)

  • WoutK89

    If I understand right, the a800, a930 and a1000 are FF models? Than that would leave a few cropped sensor bodies with insane MP counts (18 MP)

  • Rokkor on!

    Full frame for less than $1k could be a real game changer.

    I’m sure it will happen someday, I just don’t see it happening anytime soon.

  • EdShan

    Why do you post this?
    this list has 0 credibility. It is just a stupid guessing list. If I made a list of 10 cameras I would expect a lucky guess too.

    • The list was posted on dpreview, I did not make the list and I don’t know if it is credible or not – that’s what makes it a rumor. What makes you think that it is not credible?

      • WoutK89

        I think it is not credible because the numbers in the MP are not, and if sony would release these cameras, they will have a big share of the market that is not able to get all they want out of their camera, where are the lenses for 18 MP cropped sensors?

  • Eric

    I’ve often wondered why Nikon or Canon hasn’t done this already. If Nikon can sale a D90 for $750 then why exactly couldn’t they sale an FX version for $1500 or so? Not all users need or want heavy tank-like magnesium bodies. I personally prefer them, but if I could get a full frame camera built as well as a D90 or Pentax K20D then to heck with the D300/Canon 50D class of camera.

  • dirk

    10 new cams – what kind of silly rumour! its a wish-list, nothing more!

  • rwpl

    If someone can do it ( 1000$ FF dslr ) its Sony.

    They have all the technologies factories they need + they have money.

    We all joke about sony dlsr – BUT THINK how the market would look
    when sony jumps in with 1k$ FF?? Just like once Canon with 5d or Nikon with D70 they will bring a pro features to the doorsteps of our home.

    It might be a killer. Looking forward to see it.

  • JCL

    Okay people, FULL FRAME sensors are expensive to make (being bigger, you cannot fit as much on a waffer and thus lose a lot more precious materials than by making aps-c sensors), they need better in camera processors and so on.

    Plus, if you are using a full frame camera, you will need higher grade lenses (which are not too cheap either). So for under 1000$ it might happen, but give it 10 years at least (plus you’re still gonna need good lenses if you really wanna use your sensor to the maximum).

    • rwpl

      yes – its twice as much silicon is required and the probability of a doggy sensor is higher. But take into account the fact that the technology is going foooorward. 😉
      Sony is huge. They have much more resources avaliable then Nikon or Canon and in opposite to Nikon They dont have to buy the FF sensors from them selfs. 😉 We’ll see but I think we see 1000$ FF much faster then you think.

  • jsv

    A $1K FF camera would raise plenty of eyebrows, and if it delivered acceptable image quality, it’ll level the playing field.

    While Sony does have plenty of resources, we have to remember they’ve been bleeding pretty bad due to the recession. Canon is in a much better position than either Sony or Nikon to bring out a FF camera in the 1000-1200US range. Still, whoever comes out with it first will make a killing…that’s a no brainer. And maybe, just maybe, others will follow suit and we’ll finally have the FF wars brought down to the level of us mere mortals.

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