Canon 60D rumor

This is a list of possibilities for the possible upcoming Canon 60D DSLR:

  • Canon is not happy with the sales of the Canon 50D
  • Canon 60D will ship with a new 12.1 MP APS-H sensor with a size between full frame and APS-C sensor (1.3x crop factor)
  • Canon 60D will have the 1D's autofocus system
  • Build quality similar to the Canon 5D Mark II
  • 6fps
  • Prics: $1999
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  • Yitzy

    Very not likely IMO that the 60D will be APS-H…maybe a 7D (a new line) but not the 50D’s replacement…

  • Yeah, APS-H wouldn’t make any sense, because I doubt many of the EF-S lenses have an image circle that large, and the 50D isn’t aimed directly at those planning to buy full frame glass.

  • Nj

    No way.. it would never be sold with smaller total resolution than the 50D.

  • regular

    The Examiner’s article was posted half a day later. I guess Examiner has the same source as you and me : Canonrumors …

    • this is what happened when sites don’t quote their source – I corrected the post

  • Ola Forsslund

    There is no sense at all in this rumor. They have no trouble moving 16MP at 6 fps, thus there is NO benefit in lower resolution. Less MP will give worse IQ in every way, including high iso performance. That alone makes this rumor busted by default.

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