More Sony DSLR rumors

I received this email in reference to the Two full frame Sony DSLRs this summer post, it's an interesting read:

"The table with the future release of 10 Sony DSLR's is correct. The 200-350 were just interim models. People thought that A200 was A100 replacement. It was not. The 500 series will be. 230-380 are just interim models too, until Sony works out perfect video function on the DSLR. Sony does not care what Canon is doing. They need to implement the proper video function because of Red. Sony basically owned the digital cinema market segment. 99% of the studio digital production was all Sony. Then came Red that is pushing inexpensive products to the independents. The real advantage Red has are 35 mm sensors, which give more artistic DOF. Red was going to bring out Scarlet. Sony basically killed that project with XDCAM EX1 and EX3 cameras. Red had to go back to the drawing boards. XDCAM is basically the world/wide broadcast standard. Sony more or less owns the broadcast segment too. Red cameras so far were not performing that well, but as new generation is planned, Sony needs to kill it with cheaper, better performing DSLRs with HD video function. Canon is not threat to Sony. Red is. Sony pro video division is extremely successful and reliable. No one was able to make any serious inroads against Sony in that area. Panasonic once did try with their M2 format, but Sony immediately counteracted with better Betacam (not the same as Beta). Panasonic M2 format became quickly history. Network executives who bought to the Panasonic format were fired. The saying in the industry since than is: "You can't get fired for buying Sony." One of the reasons is naturally Sony's reliability. What is interesting is that Red has 35 mm sensor with claimed 8 MP resolution, but Sony EX1 (and 3) only claim 2 MP resolution and have  the same measured resolution and better low light performance as the Red, despite using 1/2" CMOS sensors. Sony's strength is in its world's foremost sensor expertise and from its expertise in miniaturization, which is also known to be world's best.

One of the reasons Sony calls the 3 new cameras entry level is because they were designed that way, with a small viewfinder. The previous 3 models were bigger with slightly more features, because they needed to bridge the gap of missing 500 series. Sony said that they wanted 5 cameras. They had it. Now that 500, 800, and 1000 series will come out, the lineup will be complete - 10 cameras. Check the fact that most of Sony's effort goes to FF lenses. That is because Sony plans on having 3 FF bodies with high quality Zeiss and G lenses. You can publish this too.

Sony needs DSLR  products, because of the coming merge of the video and still functions into a new way of photography that will be so revolutionary as switch from film to digital, or going from B/W to color. Another reason they need it, is because they need the pro image to sell their P&S cameras.

Sony does aim for the No.1 spot in the DSLR market. This fuels the drive within the DSLR design team. The DSLR's that Sony brought out so far are just little imperfect preludes to what will come, in conjunction with Carl Zeiss lenses.

Sony wants the Pro market and believes that it will make major inroads with the new super video/still DSLR cameras - starting with A1000.

A800-1000 models will be FF."

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  • Nej

    Most of it sounds like a Sony Fan boy dream…
    But as a Canon user I would really like Sony to push Canon to improve their VDSLR.

  • … and as a Nikon user, I’d like Sony to push Nikon prices down. But really, that email sounds like a) it comes from Sony, or b) it comes from a 13-years old owner of a Sony camera, or 3) it has been written by Mr. John Sony himself, given its amount of insight and depth… ;o)

  • I’d love to see competition but to be honest I hate the feel of the Sony cameras and lenses. If they felt a bit more like Canon then I would possibly consider it. I would never expect them to touch the feel of a Nikon though…. GL Sony GL.

  • Alex

    Agree with Peter without the Canon part witch sucks, better like Nikon or Pentax perhaps…

  • ricardo kwackers

    this email is exactly like the one posted by an immature fan-boy on sony’s camera forum back when it first opened last year, basically its a load of rubbish mixed with some guestimates bsed on various rumors that appear on other forums

  • These are not facts at all but a compilation of my views on another forum.
    There is more, but you should get the idea that this person has a need to feel important and that once in while he compiles a statement claiming it is from a reliable source at SONY.
    He knows how to use already published data and generated these rumors that in the end have no merit. If he ends up being wright, its by pure luck.

  • J. Smith

    It’s the world’s foremost sensor, consumer and broadcast electronic manufacturer, lined up with the world’s most respected lens maker against the

    copy machine and calculator maker Canon – with products only nerds love

    and the industrial product maker Nikon – with products for factories that again only nerds love

    That explains why DPR loves them.

    • of course. Nikon is so new and nerdy to all those camera things.

      wouldnt be better said, it is industrial quality glass maker worldwide leader and one of oldest and biggest professional camera and equipment maker on the world?

  • J. Smith

    Still I believe that the rumor is all BS. Sony can’t really compete technology-wise with Canon or Nikon. All they can do are toys like the Playstation with some wierd Blu-Boy disc drive.

  • David D

    Why do you post this junk? It shows that this is not at all serious site. Comparing the RED with the ex1/ex3 and the scarlet which is not even out yet? It shows your own lack of knowledge to put this crap up, anybody reading this knows this guy is a total 14 year old moron.

  • J. Smith

    Excuse me, but RED is junk compared to Sony and Panasonic. Only RED fan boys see it differently.

  • Daddy

    Canon, Nikon, Sony, Mambo-Jumbo. Who cares? The rumors are BS. Some comments from Canon-headed users (I do not call them photographers) are BS too. Go take some pictures, guys.

  • Jake

    “Sony can’t really compete technology-wise with Canon or Nikon”

    And Sony relies on Nikon for the sensors in their most popular DSLRs!

    …or was it the other way around?

  • J. Smith

    The best Nikon sensor was designed by Nikon. Canon sensors are excellent too. Sony sensors are good at most for webcams, but Sony is using guerrilla tactics to stuff it in other brands. Sony is a very bad company. All they want are your money and in return they spit out junk phones and toy electronics. The poo brand for dumb nerds! Don’t buy it! Buy yourself a mailorder bride instead!

    • Alvar

      Hey, the D3X sensor was made by Sony! 🙂

      • Rebel

        yes, all nikon sensor are made by Sony!

        • Rebel

          I’m wrong!!
          Nikon D700 and D3 sensors aren’t made by Sony!!

          • dyna

            Yes. Yes they are. All Nikon DSLR sensors are Sony. They have been from day one of Nikon’s DSLR ventures. Nikon finally admitted that the D3x was even a Sony sensor… don’t know why it took so long, everybody else knew it: Nikon can’t build a sensor. They only build the steppers that build sensors lol. The reason for the season is that the Sony Bionz processor is archaic in comparison with the Nikon Xpeed system. However, Sony is able to pull higher linear resolution out of the A900 than Nikon is out of the D3x, and that’s with the fact that the D3x sensor is a better sensor than the one in the A900, developed seperately.

            But that’s how it is right now: Color rendition vs. High ISO performance. Which one do you really want? Because you can’t have the best of both in one camera. Yet.

  • James

    Some of the facts may (or may not) be correct, but the analysis is just plain BS.

  • Saying was “you can’t get fired for buying IBM”

  • dyna

    For J. Smith: Every single Nikon sensor in every single Nikon DSLR was conceived, designed, and manufactured by Sony. As were the boards they were attached to, as are the LCD panels on the backs of the cameras. Sony’s sensor technology is top of the line, my friend. They currently manufacture 60% of the sensors in today’s imaging devices. Tear apart any Canon Powershot, including the G10, and lo: Sony technology. Top of the line Ultrasound? Sony. Some of the world’s finest LCD panels? Sony. There’s nothing to be ashamed of there. Everyone borrows from everyone else. Nikon hasn’t built a Coolpix in 4 years. They leave it up to others to take care of it. So what? If it wasn’t for licensing, no one would get anywhere. I hate to break it to you but SONY is the world’s foremost sensor, consumer, and broadcast manufacturer. Sony also happens to be one of the largest optical manufacturers in the world, especially now that they own Minolta’s optical facilities. If you think the Minolta and Zeiss engineers can’t produce some quality glass, you’re plain deluded.

    In video? Canon may be the official sponsor of the NFL but all that lovely HD is shot on SONY. MLB? SONY. The vast majority of all newscasts in HD? SONY. Deal with that. It’s not due to guerilla tactics, it’s due to quality product. You can pick on the big bad corporation all you want but the truth of the matter is that a.) Sony got to where it is by having good products for a reasonable price that happen to last a long time, coupled with damn good marketing that allows brand recognition once known only by brands like Kodak and Polaroid. Like Toyota, they are not always the best but they are certainly a damn good value. b.) One thing Americans need to understand: Japan is one big consumer electronics company that controls their market and technological pace in a most calculated manner, somewhat similar to the way DeBeers corp controls the flow of diamonds to the market. The technology exists to produce a near perfectly spec’d DSLR, RIGHT NOW. It is NOT, however, in anyone’s best business interests, unfortunately, to produce such a creature. Drawing out the process makes ever so much more money on the dollar. Of all the DSLR manufacturers currently in the game, Sony is the only one with the resources to seriously pull it off in the shortest amount of time possible… but they won’t. They make too much money in licensing and, further, it’s not in anyone’s best ideal interests to see Nikon in particular take the dive… which Nikon is apparently trying to do anyway, at least NikonUSA with the way they’re just hemorrhaging money the past two years. Sony’s DSLRs are not just hear to stay, they will keep breaking barriers… because they can. People cried the death of Olympus, too, and they’re still around… because they innovate. Canon and Nikon haven’t innovated in nearly 3 years… any success Nikon has had is directly related to the sensors licensed by Sony. Canon’s merely in transition. There’s no doubt the next few years will be interesting… but Sony’s here to stay.

    • theChipmunk

      I completely agree. Saying that Sony can’t compete with Canon and Nikon is ludicrous – at the moment, Canon and Nikon are just the trusted brands. Ask a pro what he would buy and the answer will 99% of the time be a Canon or Nikon camera. Indeed, I’m avoiding Sony at the moment purely because I like Nikon’s controls and I know I can get most F mount lenses to fit instantly, but they’re coming up very fast. Canon and Nikon are still good, but they don’t exactly dwarf Sony…

      Sony has a lot more experience with microelectronics – Canon make printers etc…Nikon make tools for fabs, but Sony makes CD players, TVs, laptops, desktops, games consoles, media players/recorders, audio equipment, robots, software, memory, batteries, specialist processors, PDAs…the list goes on.

      Sony is a company that generated $78.9 billion in revenue last year. That’s not someone in a shed soldering resistors together.

      Sony are definitely ones to watch.


  • Rebel

    there aren’t any rumors about new Sony lenses??

  • Loick

    I am working as pro photographer and I don’t care at all about Video, I have no needs for it
    Red or Sony are far to be a threat to Hasselblad and pro users

  • Anonymous

    This is pretty much rubbish…a DSLR will not be designed to compete with a professional video camera. Also, the poster does not know what he’s talking about – the RedOne has a 12mp sensor.

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