Olympus EP-2: released before the end of the year, with a viewfinder

Chasseur d’Images magazine wrote in its latest issue (#316) that an Olympus spokesman revealed that Olympus EP-2 was in the works and was going to be released before the end of the year and it will have a viewfinder. The same issue also covered the full frame Leica M9 and the Nikon Coolpix S1000pj.

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  • NikoDoby

    A replacement already. That was fast!
    Maybe an “up market” version with higher resolution OLED screen too?

  • zygh

    how is that a replacement, dooby? i thinks it’ll be something similar to g(h)1. hopefully, oly will have enough sense to upgrade functionality via firmware on the e-p1.

  • Hm. An EVF, I’m assuming. I would’ve preferred a rangefinder.

  • Andrew

    So still no flash? Would much rather see a flash than a viewfinder.

    • Anonymous

      Would much MORE rather see a viewfinder than an on camera flash any day

      • Andrew

        you can’t even use the a camera without a flash in a lot of situations. why would you want a camera you can’t even use sometimes, but with a little viewfinder?

        • Eric

          Chances are any situation that requires a tiny direct on board flash (such as a bar) to take a photo means you are taking a photo not worth having. Buy a $100 P&S for that kind of crap so you don’t ruin an $800 camera when it gets beer spilled on it.

          The only time I ever need an on board flash is when I want to shoot a pic of a person with strong back light…and even then I still don’t like using on camera flash. I’d much rather put an RF transmitter in the hot shoe and hold a strobe in my left hand.

          • Andrew

            is the sensor big enough to where you wouldn’t have to use a flash very often?

            Also, I agree that an on-board flash doesn’t look great, but what about indoor shots of family events or like you said shots with strong back light?

            Isn’t the whole purpose of the camera to be small and portable? I don’t want to have to carry around a big flash along with it, which would obviously make it not small and portable.

  • james

    E-P2 with a built in viewfinder would tip the balance for me, I’ve recently been weighing up the Lumix G1 against the E-P1 but the latter’s lack of built in VF (and EXTORTIONATE cost of the external one) has been tipping me towards the Lumix. but the E-P1 is just so SHINY. EVF I would also assume, RF would make it as bulky (relatively speaking) as the G1. I rather like EVFs actually, they are much better now than a couple of years back. Still don’t exactly work at the speed of light though … if you know what I mean…

    +1 on the flash, can live without that

  • Mads Randstoft

    Signed by Nikon… They are frightened by the marketshare that this little cam have taken and try to stem the market with these rumors so people will not buy the E-P1 but sit and wait for the E-P2 so Nikon have a chance of developing a competitor to the E-P1…

  • Thomas R. Koll

    I’d be happy if they don’t put a flash into it. I love doing strobo photos and always favour a test button on the flash over built-in flash.

  • guido

    all these news are interesting and surprising but nothing would HOOTER than a return by SONY of the contax g2 with zeiss lenses.it was the very best and would still be for sure

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