Panasonic GF1 (Micro Four Thirds)

This Panasonic GF1 (Micro Four Thirds) pictures were found on a Chinese forum and the poster claimed that they are from an internal Panasonic PDF document (click on image for larger view):


Panasonic GF1 (Micro Four Thirds)


Panasonic GF1 main parts and controls (click to enlarge)


  • Internal pop-up flash similar to LX3
  • HD Movie 720P 30fps
  • Supersonic anti-dust
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 3:2, 16:9, 1:1
  • Total pixel: 13.1mp
  • Effective pixel: 12.1mp
  • Shutter: 1/4000 - 60s, B: about 4 min.
  • LCD: 3", 460,000 dots
  • Size: 119 x 71 x 36.3mm
  • Weight: 285g (not sure if battery is included)


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  • stdr

    What is the connector between the flash release button and the playback button? EVF?

  • low

    any rumors on release dates?

    • I think the release date will be in September, available in stores for Christmas.

  • MD

    Connector is for hotshoe-EVF

    • POTA

      I hope so that like the RICOH style?

  • Legsvan

    wonderful…very nice design.

    unique issue for me is it there is not Full HD video.

    My friends…Please one question. See 720p video in a 50″ Panasonic TV (Plasma) is bad?

  • NikoDoby

    This is sweet. I LOVE IT. Too bad it’s not an F-mount 🙁

  • It’s M4/3, which means you can use practically all types of lenses, incl. Nikkors.

  • I think Panasonic are making Canon, Nikon and Sony cry lol

    * I own 2 DMC L10s and a G1H *

  • Jeff

    Looks cool, but without in body IS, I’ll stick with my e-p1, but those lenses… I’ll take the 20 AND the 45!

  • Rob

    Shame there is a typo, a missing reference and other errors on the “Main Parts and Controls” image/PDF extract…

    Number 16 says ‘[HDMI] socketn’
    Number 24 is missing in the image
    Number 27 should surely say ‘Shutter release button’
    Number 28 is a ‘hot shoe’ not a ‘hot shoe cover’

    Why isn’t the EVF (I am sure it is not a figerprint device!) connector labelled? Surely it is a big selling point?

    Looks like a fake to me, like the September 1st partner release.

    Shame, as it looks like the camera I would want..but you never know

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