Sony Exmor R sensor now in digital cameras

The highly anticipated Sony Exmor R sensor made its debut in the point & shoot camera world today: Sony WX1 and Sony TX1 (the sensor is already available in the latest Sony Handycam line). The next logical step for Sony is to release the Exmor R sensor in a DSLR camera.

More info on the Exmor R CMOS sensor available here.

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  • Anonymous

    hmm will nikon adopt this technology?that would be awesome

  • donde?

    Well if you remember the leaked Nikon roadmap, there it said for e.g. the D4:
    Nikon D4 – new features:
    effective pixels: 15.7 millions, FX sensor completely new design with maximized by increasing the sensitivity of more than 1 EV

    Since EV is essentially logarithmic to base2, twice the sensitivity (as advertised by Sony) means 1EV higher sensitivity.

    OTOH, the roadmap was obviously fake with regards to lenses (there wasn’t a 17-65 f/3.2-4 VR in August). But maybe this makes it a little more likely that Nikon is considering this for D4 and D400.

  • rwbenjey

    The first video has to be one of the worst videos I have ever seen….

  • guate6

    The first video was bad, and the second…well, I wish I understood Japanese :\

  • ki6mf

    The chip vendors announced 9 MB availability for the Japanese camera market in spring 2008. (EE Times (03/04/2008 ) It will be interesting to see how big they can make the sensors. Sony is buying the fab and/or design from either Kodak, Micron, Taiwan Semiconductor who all have been tweaking this technology since the scientific/milspec community started researching this in 1999. It appears to be a combination on engineering improvements rather than a major breakthrough in technology.

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