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The next generation Sony Exmor sensor

Sony showed a prototype of a new CMOS sensor. Here are some of the specs: 17.7MP effective pixels 19.3MP full pixels 120 fps @ 12 bit or 60 fps @ 14 bit pixels pitch: 4.2 x 4.2μm size: 24.3 × 12.8mm (diagonal: 27.5mm) low power consumption reduced rolling shutter during video recording production date not yet disclosed

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Sony rumors

The first one is not a rumor but rather an update: Sony A550 DSLR officially went on sale yesterday (it was initially delayed). A dpreview member did some investigation of the Sony RAW files EXIF data which contains codes for the different camera models. The sequencing of the numbers suggests that Sony may be working on […]

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Interview with Sony’s CMOS Exmor R sensor developers

Update: hit the comments section for a better translation. This is the Google translation of the interview. The interesting part: Q: As many users are interested, I would have to be equipped with a digital SLR camera. 2 the idea of sensitivity so you can take pictures which is twice less noise, I would simply think, […]

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Sony will have a photography related press conference on September 23rd

I have no confirmation yet, but the press conference may be related to the Twilight Football event that promotes Sony’s Exmor R CMOS sensor. Not sure if new products will be announced on that event. At that point the Exmor R CMOS sensor technology is impplemented only in Handycams and the Cybershot WX1. Stay tuned […]

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Yes, Sony Exmor R sensor is coming to Sony DSLRs

According to Sony: “… and a DSLR models featuring the Exmor R CMOS sensor…” FIY: Sony triples DSLR sales this year. Nikon and Canon, be afraid.

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Sony Exmor R sensor now in digital cameras

The highly anticipated Sony Exmor R sensor made its debut in the point & shoot camera world today: Sony WX1 and Sony TX1 (the sensor is already available in the latest Sony Handycam line). The next logical step for Sony is to release the Exmor R sensor in a DSLR camera. More info on the […]

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