Sony rumors


The first one is not a rumor but rather an update: Sony A550 DSLR officially went on sale yesterday (it was initially delayed).

A dpreview member did some investigation of the Sony RAW files EXIF data which contains codes for the different camera models. The sequencing of the numbers suggests that Sony may be working on six new camera models:

2 = DSC-R1
256 = DSLR-A100
257 = DSLR-A900
258 = DSLR-A700
259 = DSLR-A200
260 = DSLR-A350
261 = DSLR-A300
263 = DSLR-A380
264 = DSLR-A330
265 = DSLR-A230
269 = DSLR-A850
[??? = DSLR-A500 Files not examined]
273 = DSLR-A550

There are already rumors online for a new Sony camera being released on November 18, 2009. The camera is expected to be a competition of the Panasonic GH1 and should have the new Exmor R sensor and full HD video recording. Sony mirrorless camera has been rumored for a while - see this post and this report.

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  • NikoDoby

    I’ve been waiting for Sony to bust out an EVIL camera. Will they intro a new set of lenses as well?

  • Din

    I hope a Sigma DP style with interchangeable lenses…

  • dyna

    I personally don’t see Sony releasing anything new the rest of this year. I just don’t think they are prepared and, further, I think there is so much disparity between what Japan thinks the market desires vs. what the U.S. market is screaming for that even if they do release something, it won’t be what people are looking for. A700/A900 replacements? Next year. No question…. but I’d be surprised if they’re even looked at until the latter 3rd. Mirrorless? That WOULD be something to see… but I think unlikely. Sony are still too damn conservative in DSLR class imaging to start REALLY pushing that envelope. They innovate but in a quieter manner. An EVIL camera would shake the mold a bit too much yet. I don’t know if the market has shown enough bounce to allow Sony the luxury of releasing such a creature. They still have to work twice as hard just to get kudos as a DSLR manufacturer… another camera, no matter how unique, doesn’t guarantee success as we all know.

  • Rob Young

    What is the EXIF for the alpha 900?

    • Rob Young

      Oh – sorry – I see it now was (expecting to find it nearer the 850). I have to agree that the line needs a shakeup. If I can speculate for a minute, the competitors likely had a number of models ready for market, but were holding them back in order to maximize profit of each release. However, since Sony pushed the envelope by becoming so competitive so quickly, the other brands may have changed their strategy to one where they release a lot of technology very quickly, in an effort to bury Sony dslrs that haven’t go as much in reserve. Catchup will occur if Sony perseveres if Cannon and Nikon can’t sustain innovation rates that we’re seeing at he present.

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