Sony is getting more aggressive (Sony mirrorless camera and roadmap for 2010)

AmateurPhotographer (again) reports that "Sony is very much interested in the Micro Four Thirds system". Sony mentioned that they may add their own version of a mirrorless camera and that "if we do it, we will do it much better". Ouch!

Other Sony rumors (Sony 2010 roadmap):

  • CES, Las Vegas, January 7-10 2010: Sony A950 to be announced (32 MP sensor, no video, high ISO).
  • 600mm lens to be announced between January and April.
  • NAB, Las Vegas, April 10-15: Sony A1000 (DSLR video camera hybrid, similar to RED).
  • A cheap Sony A150 without built-in AF motor is expected.
  • Fotokina, September 8-10: Sony A820 (32 MP sensor, smaller body, SD card, video mode, built-in flash, simplified viewfinder).

Ouch again... For the full details on the Sony 2010 roadmap go to dyxum.

Another Sony related link: "Live view and video are entry-level features"

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  • NikoDoby

    Can I be the first to ask, “Should I get an a850 now or should I wait for the a820?” 🙂

    • Sky

      Go for A850 – simplified viewfinder doesn’t sound any good :/

    • John

      That’s an academic question The big issue is going to be lenses that can handle that kind of resolution. Unless you have deep pockets for the high end G and Zeiss lenses and/or really need the extra resolution an A850 is probably more camera and resolution than 95% of us will ever relaly use.

  • jon x2

    so wheres the A7xx replacement??

    i think i might wait for the a820 then but thats in a year.. i dont know if i can wait that long =( but i want CF not SD cards

  • T3


  • Sky

    Nothing to replace A700?! I’m amazed… it’s like freely resigning for quite a bit of market…. :/

  • Cluebat

    Sony… can go fly a kit as far as I’m concerned!

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