Is that the new mirrorless, interchangeable camera system from Sony?

Few weeks ago Sony mentioned that they are interested in a mirrorless, interchangeable camera system and now I have this in my hands:

click on image for larger view

click on image for larger view

I am just confused by all those pdf type Sony rumors. I went through many different camera models and could not find one that looks like the camera pictured above. Thoughts?

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  • Zeusman

    Wow, if this is true. We’ll have a whole new segment of cameras to enjoy and CARRY!! This is exciting! I hope they add some kind of finder option to it.

  • Why ?

    The buttons on that camera are the same as on the WX1.

    • dyna

      I have a WX1 and it doesn’t look a thing like that on the back. Plus there’s a mode dial on the top of this image, whereas the WX1 has a mode dial on the back… and a 2.5″ LCD not a 3″ panel…

  • Anonymous

    Lets wait for the people saying, I am jumping to Sony cause Nikon doesnt, although there were rumors 😀

  • stdr

    If it is real it is a good example that making an EVIL camera by just combining technologies from P&S cameras and DSLRs is not a big deal.

    Olympus followed this approach with the E-P1.

    Panasonic on the other hand ( and hopefully Samsung) put in some real innovations like a decent EVF, fast CDAF and lenses with fast focusing motors.

  • elwoodchu

    Well… I don’t see AVCHD… the mistake of this fake?

  • Jason

    So the new lens mount will be Sony “R-mount”? Must be like the m4/3 mount, shorter flange focal distance since there is no mirror??

  • GlobalGuy

    I say fake based on the picture alone. Why would they show the back, when its the FRONT that would be the interesting part?

    Just saying…

  • Mark

    I think with this new compact with APS sized sensors movement that is happening there will be some models that will be with the lens molded to the camera. A short zoom makes the most sense.

    Sure, you lose the option to use other lenses but it allows for more competitive pricing and for the camera to be even more compact.

  • Fred

    Fake !
    The dimensions in the “spec sheet” don’t even match the product image…

  • Roger

    Like the others, they can’t figure out “Window 7”.

    Plus I don’t think anyone is writing software for the old Mac OS anymore, it’s all for the Intel chip crowd with OS X. Except for maybe Nikon, who doesn’t update their Mac stuff until a few months after the OS is released.

  • Giant Bear

    A real Sony battery should include numbers rather than purely alphabets.

  • fiatlux

    Sony R lens mount?

    Will it come with the necessary tools to remove the lens from the DSC-R1? 😉

  • Anonymous

    This looks like a Backside Picture of the DSC-H20

    • Yes, I think you are right – I skipped that one because of the view finder on top, so this rumor is busted?

      • NikoDoby

        Yes H20 photo chopped. I think this whole Sony pdf series is busted 🙁

      • Sky

        Agreed… these PDFs are boring…. >_<

  • John

    Let us pray.

  • Catastrophile

    sounds wishful and made up!

  • sonyboy68

    Purely Fake picture and informations ! ;-p
    Phot Rumours, Please Stop to post fakes !
    Thanks ;-))

    • GlobalGuy

      He likes to stir it up, sometimes, doesn’t he…. =P

  • Why ?

    Hey photorumors admin, you might want to get ready in 12 hours, Nikon is releasing new cameras !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yes, I am the admin of as well

  • Yooodla

    Please stop posting these painfully fake things. All have absolutely horrendous English and obvious misspellings; “mutli use connector” indeed. All are fake, all are very badly made, and it’s very very obvious that they are.

  • A W Young

    Definitely fake, and by somebody who isn’t a good enough faker to photoshop up pictures of the front and top of the camera. The big news is supposed to be interchangable lenses, and there’s no picture of that? They should go back to faking pictures of alien spaceships, at least some people will believe that.

  • Catastrophile

    it’s difficult when you have an admin who he himself needs to be moderated, internet chaos!

  • Sky

    Catastrophile is right, but well…. after that series of fakes it would be lovely if we wouldn’t see such pathetic imitations of rumors anymore. Someone wants to make up his ego or what?

  • Anonymous

    Potoshop A230 or something. If they make a compact like that I will kill my friend.

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