Leaf to announce a new, entry level Aptus digital back


image source: BJP

In an interview with BJP, the CEO of Leaf Dov Kalinski said:

"We’ll be announcing shortly the release of the Aptus 5, an entry-level product. We see a need for entry-level products with aggressive pricing to respond to the changes that are happening in the market."

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  • What is “entry level”? I wonder what the price point will be…

  • Din

    How many MPx?, could I use it on a Hassel or Mamiya?, what is the price?

    Is very interesting, but the point is the price…

  • regular

    Good! I want to see some serious ass-kicking !!

  • Chris_M

    How much is the cheapest digital back? 9,000$? Entry level could mean anything between 1,000$ and 8,000$.

    • Lyr

      The actual entry level digital back, right now, is the Mamiya ZD, at a pricing of 9,000$ (about 12,000$ when first sold). And it was already a “break the prices and make an entry level one”.

      It has aged (small screen, slow camera processing, far from the best noise processing) but it’s stil an amazing 36mmx48mm 22Mp back, and the only one I know able to retrieve the IR-cut filter or to add optionally a low-pass filter if dealiasing is wished.

      Sadly, no other producer offers such a degree of customisation.

  • This is the main reason I did not jump on the FX wagon. This will not only ofter a true better option to the D3x at close to the same price but it will also assist in driving the price on used smaller than 645 backs down.

    • dyna

      Won’t be able to do high iso like the D3x or even the A850… but the total linear resolution will be a blast. Entry level medium format though… too bad you need professional grade optics to pull off medium format clarity. The costs are still too high.

      It’s cheaper to go FF 35mm still. And, for the money, I’d be more about the A850 or whatever replaces the A900 before I’d ever consider dropping $7500 on the D3x…

  • tibor

    true 16 bits color, 24-30MP, squared format, 2000$. & if I could use it on my Bronica GS-1 that would be a blast.

    I-d take 2 for 1$ !!!

    • Taschmahal

      Would prefer a Bronica SQ-A 😀
      But I don’t think, that it will be under 10k USD

  • tibor

    I red that there’s a brand making some digital backs compatible with all medium format bodies via adaptors. If we enter an area were they’ll sell them for less than a D3, that would be awesome.

  • I hope the number “5” has nothing to do with megapixels. This is a really neat rumor, but requires a lot of imagination to make it much more interesting. Megapixels and price would be great.

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