Pentax K-X prices

  • Pentax K-X with DA L 18-55mm lens for USD US$649.95.
  • Pentax K-X with two lens kit (DA L 18-55mm and DA L 50-200mm zoom) for US$749.95
  • Pentax K-X with two lens kit (DA L 18-55mm and DA L 55-300mm) for US$849.95

Pentax K-X will be available in October in black, white, blue and yes RED colors. Check back again tomorrow for pre-order options.


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  • yy

    FOR ME

  • This will be great to see if it’s real. The on camera hdr might make and 24p video at this price makes me consider buying one.

    • Rokkor on!

      I’d love to get the HDR feature. Not sure I need another camera though.

      Video is nice, but not a huge draw for me now.

  • Can’t believe the red. Are they serious with this?

  • Nikon4Life

    This is probably the most ugliest camera I have ever seen in my life.

    • Rokkor on!

      It is butt ugly, but if it feels good in the hands, and controls are logical and easy to use, people shouldn’t care.

      Supposedly, it’s been designed for one-handed operation.

    • A.S.

      Ugly my ass, if you don’t like it – don’t buy it! And actually is pretty ok compared to others…

      • Rokkor on!

        I’m sorry about your ass. But you really should keep that thing covered up anyway.

  • Anonymous

    does it come in pink too ?

  • in Japan only….

  • Anonymous

    Gash… it’s sooooo ugly… duh

  • Anonymous

    I want the blue one

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