Olympus announcement on October 31, 2009


Olympus has scheduled an event/press conference for October 31, 2009 (Saturday?). The new product may have something to do with black leather.

What is it going to be? Olympus EP-2? I am sure we will know soon. Stay tuned.

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  • NikonD300 4 Life

    Olympus, Sony, AND Pentax have some of the most ugliest cameras I have ever seen in my life, PERIOD.

    • Eric

      Oh come on now, everyone makes their clunkers. The D3000/5000 are the ugliest DSLR’s (look like cheap plastic kids toys) I’ve seen where as the Pentax K-7 and Olympus E30 are two of the better looking DSLR’s. These multicolored plastic Pentax’s are obviously aimed at the Japanese market. I’m not even going to pretend like I understand why they like bright colored electronics…I have no f’ing clue. However, the black K-x looks as good as any other entry level DSLR.

    • achiinto

      … Are you serious? I think Olympus has released all the best looking cameras out there. I don’t want to comment about other brand name….

    • dyna

      You mean the Canon Brick design is your style of good-looking and/or functional? I drop my jaw in your general direction. And I forget who said it but I tend to agree: that E-30 is a nice piece of kit. No question Oly’s best camera to date.

      And the A900 is lovely. I don’t care what anyone says. Just lovely.

    • Arte

      You think that big chunky brick D300 is pretty?! I wonder how people can like to use such enormous combinations as d300 + battery grip or or d700 + battery grip – these both combinations is bigger thad D3, and uglier, too. I think these people want to look like a pro, but have short budget for D3 😀

  • Chow

    An announcement on a saturday??

    • I don’t know yet – it may not be an announcement but invitations were sent already for that date. Maybe another type of event or camera introduction after an announcement. I will know more in the next few days.

  • NikoDoby

    Black Leather…. and Lace?! Must be a Halloween party 🙂

    • WoutK89

      Or, a camera with perfect skin rendition 😛

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