Sony flash HVL-F64AM specification sheet

I keep receiving detailed Sony specifications on rumored future products. This time we have a new flash unit HVL-F64AM:


Full page view after the break:


click for larger view

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  • le_petit_prince

    That’s really crazy.
    Conviency w/ standard M-type battery from Camera is another thing. How fast and how much power it’s gonna consume?

    I really wonder what kind of design sony’s going to have. Only one thing sony is doing right after taking KM was these new flash and FF bodies! kahahaha.
    Still not loving but really interested in what they are going to do in the future.

    Sony really is misfit from Canon/Nikon!
    oh! another thing! -10degree??? wow! WOW just plain WOW.

    • Tabitha Green

      -10 sounds nice. 🙂 Maybe this’ll be a Nikon sb900 killer? Though I can’t imagine what more you would need from a flash that the f58 doesn’t offer (other than the -10 degree adjustment)?

  • Tomas

    add radio frequency wireless remote system to the mix and it makes it the best portable flashgun on the market.

    BUT it is only a simple text page, anyone could make it effortlessly.

  • le_petit_prince

    I wonder what kinda USB extensions they’re gonna bring out with this!!!

  • TD

    I don’t think so
    FM500H 1600 mAh < Eneloop 1900 mAh x4 !!!

    • MES


      you are miscalculating a bit there.

      Very good NiMh akkus have 2.700 Ah @ 1.2V.
      they are linked in line within a flash unit.
      So that is 2.700 Ah @ 4.8V with four akkus.
      In other words: 12.96 Wh.

      FM500H is 1.600 Ah @ 7.2V.
      That is 11,52 Wh (label says 11,8 typical and btw Sony site also stats 1.650 Ah)

      So with this math done the 4x NiMh are still slightly better, taking that these are 2700 mAh units.
      Not yet in credit is that the efficiency of the flash is better at 7.2V over 4.8V.
      The current models work better with 4x 1.5 batteries in short term (batteries fall in voltage faster than akkus).
      Also the Li-ION pack has a different discharge line that very likely is better for a high power flash unit.

      Last but not least the info-Lithium power packs like the FH500H show you percentage of how much they have left for usage.
      I would give a lot to not be surprised by empty flash anymore…

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