New Olympus m4/3 camera to be presented on the ZOOM.experience 2009 show?

According to this dpreview thread Olympus has send "mailshots" about their presence on the ZOOM.experience 2009 show that will start on October 31, 2009. Why is this news interesting? Remember this teaser?


Olympus EP2 is coming folks!

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  • Will they fix the auto focus speed and bring in the viewfinder?

  • Ray

    … the ep1 isnt even a year old is it??

    damn at this rate, we will be coming up with updates to cameras as often as i eat dinner.

  • wyss

    it is faster than i expected

  • Anonymous

    I am not too sure if it’s a good strategy from Olympus.

    In a way, it’s good to have a new m4/3 to solve all the issues and compete with GF1.

    In the other, they are pissing all the EP-1 and GF1 buyers and people might steer clear of becoming early adopters with “look see first mindet” and will therefore affect their sales, especially when they are not exactly cheap.

  • WoutK89

    So, Holland will get a world premier you are saying? ūüėÄ
    And just this year I decided not to go cause Nikon hasnt had any interesting new cameras or lenses for me to check out in the last year.

  • Peter

    I don’t expect a new camera there. The Zoom experience is not important enough for that. I think it wil be a leather version of the EP-1. Allthough in march of this year i heard that olympus would announce 2 Micro Four Third camera’s in 2009.

    We will see.

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