Olympus event on October 31, 2009 (part 2)

This is the actual image sent out from Olympus (according to my source) for the October 31, 2009 event I mentioned yesterday:


What is the black leather remind you of? I say Olympus EP-2 at the end of October.

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  • Anonymous

    Another disappointing camera from Olympus? Another seat warmer for Panasonic?

  • Anonymous

    Probably a new pro model they need it bad!! And I bet it s going to be great with full hd moovie and directional screen like the GH1 or better probably cool !!!!

    • with that leather as a background, I doubt it

  • Chow

    An upgraded E-P1 few months after the release of the E-P1 is not likely. And if they do they will piss off a lot of E-P1 buyers.

  • Peter

    I’ve been told that there will be another Pen release this year. And this release has to be before december because of the sales in that month so i think its a new Pen

  • Chow

    That’s like launching the 7D, make some sales and launch the 8D 3 months later. If the next m43 cam is an whole other cam I wouldn’t mind. But if Olympus launches a better and revised Pen few months after the 1st one I sell my one and I’m done with Olympus. Since Olympus had the choice to not launch the E-P1 and wait 3 months for the revised edition.

    For this reason I think they either launch an GH1 like m43 cam or the E-5. I don’t think it will be another Pen atm..

  • Koos

    Another Pen doesn’t have to mean an upgrade or replacement of the E-P1. It could as well be a budget model, or more expensive version.

  • Andrew

    Maybe a GH1 equivalent, but I would probably just wait for the next GH camera if that was the case. Never was a fan of the MPEG codec on the Pen.

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