Pentax will have a “deeper relationship with some electronics guys”

Hoya Corporation continues to make public statements about possible "deeper relationship" with another company, possibly Samsung. Those are the words of the COO Hiroshi Yamada (see previous statements of Hoya's CEO here):

"I don’t know whether we’ll go with Samsung or somebody else, but I can say that we’ll have a deeper relationship with some electronics guys. There will be consolidation in the camera business and a small player like us will be like a small boat on a rough sea. But let me be clear: we will not shut down this business.”


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  • rad

    seriously just ditch the cameras and go 3rd party lenses. Make them more than sigma/tamron/etc but less than manufacturers. They would have to invest in an in lens stability but it would totally work.

    • Rokkor on!

      I wish they would. They make some nice primes that could fill gaps in other camera makers lineups.

  • sadly room of those who care….

    Business 101:
    if you need to compete, then try NOT compete at almost same prices as big guys. especially not with worse product.

  • Sky

    Looks like Hoya is making negotiations with big electronics companies – good, this brings hope for Pentax 🙂

  • catastrophile

    is there a dating site for companies looking for relationships?

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