Olympus EP-1 price drop

olympus-ep1-prI received a tip that Olympus distributors have informed some dealers about an upcoming Olympus EP-1 price drop. This could be caused by the Panasonic GF1 release and/or the new upcoming m4/3 Olympus camera.

The current EP-1 prices are as follow (with 14-44 lens):

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  • dyna

    Bound to happen. The camera came out with a pretty good sized bang but has since dropped off dramatically. The GH1 didn’t even have a bang, more like a pop. The GF1 has a lot of curiosity surrounding it but the market seems to be waiting for more. It’s like people are still not sure whether or not they can trust Olympus or Panasonic with their needs. I’ll bet money the second Canon brings something to the table it’ll fly. Just because it’s Canon, not necessarily because it’ll be any good.

    Got to talk with the Oly guys at PDN/PhotoPlus this past week but they were predictably not forthcoming concerning the propose 10/31 rumored announcement. The Leica X1 is a pretty little thing, however. Always wanted me a MiniLux but I find myself in the same predicament I was back then: not being able to justify the horrendous cost. I’m not doubting it’s quality… I’m doubting that it’s $2k worth of quality.

  • Anonymous

    So you’re telling me people still care about the EP-1? This camera has been exposed. Not sure why anyone would care.

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