Ricoh GXR system is here!

Update: the video was removed from youtube. Here are some screenshots:



  • The smallest interchangeable lenses camera on the market today - smaller than m4/3 from Oly and Panny.
  • You can change the sensor! The lens and the sensor form a package! I told you this one would be something special.
  • Available in December.
  • Two lenses introduced: 24-72mm f/2.5-4.4 with 10MP CCD built-in sensor and VGA video. Price: £300.
  • 50mm f/2.5 macro lens with a 12.3MP CMOS sensor and HD video. Price: £600.
  • Ricoh GXR body price: £420.

Stay tuned for more details!

The above video was created by Which (UK) and was released before the official camera announcement. The screenshots are from the video.


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  • le_petit_prince

    Do you think they’ll make lens interchangeable package too?
    Almost like the RED but worst but way better pricing right??
    Since he has there’s a variety of options including projectors so… i’ll have to wait and see right???

    Lego/tetris digital camera ERA is coming!!!
    Build your own.

  • Mark

    £420 for the “unit”
    £600 for the 12.3MP CMOS sensor & 50mm Macro Lens (HD Video)
    £300 for the 10MP CCD sensor & 24-72mm Zoom Lens (5fps RAW, VGA video)

    So that’s £1320 for the system!
    Are Ricoh mad?

    • Torben

      Hey money is just paper or digits, I think it’s cool… cheapskate….

      • Mark

        Your insult is just childish.
        I think it’s cool too. But I also think it’s hugely overpriced and unlikely to be a success. Of course only time will tell…

        • GlobalGuy

          I agree that this “system” makes no sense. A system needs to function with end purpose in mind. This system is neither more convenient, nor cheaper than the other guys. That sensor block attached to the lens makes your lenses unweildy (horrible design), and the cost of exchanging sensors is completely wasteful. I agree — Ricoh must be on crack.

          Ideally you can swap the lenses, body and sensors INDEPENDENTLY. I dont want to buy as many sensors as lenses!!! that’s just madness. Why are camera companies so out of it sometimes.

          “Keeps dust out” — give me a break. What bs. I would rather have dust than to have to buy a sensor 10 times over.

          Nice try though. But i really do hope someone SQUASHES them by actually getting it right. I just want to buy a new sensor every year or so, without the expense of a new “body”, and all the lenses my heart desires. I only want to buy a new “body” (“unit?”) if a much better ergonomics one comes along or when certain advantages appear (such as movie mode controls or extra lighting features, or who knows.. whatever could come that might require another button, a better dial, or jack, etc).

  • (another) Mark

    This is really awesome. What size are those sensors or did I miss it?

  • Anonymous

    i’d like to know the sensor size as well

  • I am constantly updating this post – check back again!

  • Mark

    It seems that “Ricohs camera system will start with two “lenses”, one prime, one zoom. The prime has 33mm real focal length, the zoom 5,1-15,3mm.“ So, the 33 mm it’s 50mm equivalent so it has an 1.5 crop APS-C, while the zoom is the same lens present on GX200 and probably coupled with GRDIII’s 1/1.7” sensor. Both sensors seem to be from Sony.

  • grumps

    Conceptually it’s good, but I’d rather they kept the lens and digital back (middle) seperate! I think whoever does that first is the real winner!

  • Anonymous

    just another flea fart in the gas clouds of Jupiter…
    far too expensive, death born concept, far better cameras for the same price elsewhere…

    just my 2 cents

  • Legsvan

    Fantastic this Idea….One green camera, we don’t need change all body only for take a better sensor.

  • NikoDoby

    I’m speechless…

    I feel like I’m dreaming that Ricoh just announced this crazy camera. But this is real right?!

  • Great concept. good technical solution may not fit patterns of use, though. this early pkg is compact enough but yields some compromises (lens & sensor pkg, pricing, for example) that may trouble some users. looks like a consumer version of RED’s scarlet and epic for the pro video and stills market.

  • minc

    Looks alright, but I don’t think I want more than one sensor. Definitely don’t want to pay for it, especially at that price. Right now I’d rather have the GF1 with 20/1.7 but I can see how this will appeal to some people.

  • Anonymous

    I like the fact that you can change the sensor but I hate the fact that the lens is stuck to it… I don’t want 1 sensor per lens.. and I don’t want to upgrade all my lenses as I want to upgrade my sensor..

    wow this is moronic.

    • Jim

      It’s not moronic as it allows a better pairing of sensor and lens.
      You can have a higher MP sensor for macro, most of which are done in bright light so no noise worries.
      You can have a lower MP sensor for high ISO situations, with a lens to match.
      The major problem is the pricing.

  • Davo

    I wonder if they’ll release a cartridge with sensor and some kind of mount but no lens. Then sell a few adapters for m4/3, m-mount etc.
    Or a mono sensor…that’ll be neat.
    A lot of potential for this system, they just have to make it as versatile as possible for users of all other systems to adapt to it.

  • Rangefinder Bob

    Stillborn concept. Not on my short list of compact cameras as it is being depicted in the video.

    1. So, I’ll be forced to lose the lens when I upgrade the sensor, but I keep the pop-up flash? Wooopeee!!! If that’s the case, why not just throw out the whole thing instead, since the screen will likely be obsolete by then? With other systems (MFT or otherwise), at least I keep the lenses when the body gets replaced.

    2. I can’t use other lenses, such as Leica/Voigtlander/Zeiss RF lenses or other makes with adapters.

    3. No fast optics, such as the Panasonic 20/1.7, Nikon 35/1.8G, or similar. Without a fast lens option (and f2.5~2.8 is not fast enough for available light photos), I’d rather carry a PS (cause I’ll be using flash in low light anyway).

    I’ll keep waiting for (1) Pana GF-1/GF-2/GF-XXXX; (3) future Nikon or Canon offerings; or (3) possibly a used Leica M8.

  • Davo

    Is it just me or does the picture of the gxr from above look surprisingly close to the ‘fake’ that had been circulating months ago?

  • John Mark
  • blake

    Am I missing something, they coupled the piece of my kit that depreciates the least (the lens) with the piece that depreciates the most?(the sensor)…. moronic idea. If they seperate the lens/sensor Id pick this up in a heart beat. If i had to buy my Nikon 24-70, 14-24, and 70-200 every time a new sensor came out id go broke/change professions!

  • Catastrophile

    did you know what does ricoh GXR stand for?
    ricoh Goes eXtremely wRong

  • Johnny

    I just do not get it why are every one complaining about the price this is not your average consummer it is aimed at a small high-end market for people who are into this. Ricoh are not C or N.
    this also why leica charge more than pana etc,… I think it is brilliant and I am definetely going to splash out the cash on the aps c size 50mm f/2.5 macro lens with a 12.3MP CMOS package at this size is unbelievable !

  • Rokkor on!

    Definitely going for a niche market.

    It’s just too much money for me to spend knowing that all components are going to be obsolete before long.

  • Josh

    I think that Which have lost a huge amount of credibility by leaking this video.

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