Canon EOS 3D

There are rumors about a new model that will fit between the 5D and 1D Canon DSLRs. The specs are:

  • 16.7mp FF
  • 7.2 µm pixel pitch
  • Small magnesium alloy body similar to the 5D2
  • The camera will be priced above the 5D2. Possibly in the $4000-$4500 range with the 1D Mark IV
  • Announcement for Photokina.
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  • Saiminyaku

    I don’t think it could be priced alongside the 1D series. The 1D series will either be cheaper or more expensive in this purely hypothetical situation that a EOS 3D does make face any time in our lives. My thoughts are that it will probably be cheaper and lack the speed of the 1D series, but have a faster FPS than the 5D series has been notorious for lacking in.

  • regular

    too little, too late.

  • mochapaulo

    “The camera will be priced above the 5D2. Possibly in the $4000-$4500 range with the 1D Mark IV”

    What a shock! But why I feel that it is 1Ds mark IV rather than what so called 3D?
    The price strategy of Canon seldom collides with other segments and clearly differential. $4000 – $4500 is what exactly 1Ds mark IV may sit in.
    But it also sounds strange that how can a camera equipped with less pixel than the last generation and single image processor push to such a high price. I don’t think it is good enough to be true.

  • deez

    Keep in mind the two rumors are combined. The CR3 source says there will be one. The Cr3 source never gives specs. The specs are from a different source, and he doesn’t specify how reliable that source is.

    • deez

      Oops, the Specs source is CR1. So quite unreliable information on the specs.


    This makes no Sense ar all. FAKE


    If that’s all the spec, hy would it be priced over the 5D Mark II?

  • dude

    nikon, your move.

    • WoutK89

      Rumor wise, or?

  • Anonymous

    seems interesting, but the high price kinda throws it off

  • peter

    just buy a 5d mark II

  • grumps

    Wait, a FF camera with less MP than the 5D2 but costing almost twice as much. Think…

    • sure it makes sense, is worse but more expensive

    • Sky

      Number of megapixels doesn’t make the camera better or worse.

    • WoutK89

      maybe it will crack some high speed AF with very high fps? A real 1Dm3 in a small body?

  • loickeri

    There is a real need for a 1Ds Without that stupid grip, same thing for Nikon

  • regular

    coming back to this thread. I wonder if the rumor about a 3D body is not triggered by the close arrival of Nikon’s D800.

    Nikon’s D700 was close to be the must-have FF camera (for experts), only lacking resolution for certain needs.
    If the D800 is 18Mpx, then Canon must hurry and provide a competitor. 5Dii’s AF module is way too bad for moving subjects or low-light photos.

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