Sony A450 DSLR released

Previously reported as a rumor back in early December, the Sony A450 is now official!

Full press release after the break:

Simply Better Pictures With the a450
Sony's New DSLR Is a Versatile All-Round Choice for Step-Up Photographers

The new Sony a450 DSLR camera
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Sony Europe Press Centre
LONDON--(Marketwire - January 4, 2010) -

-- 14.2 effective megapixels Exmor CMOS sensor
-- Up to 7 fps continuous shooting
-- Manual Focus Check Live View
-- Auto HDR
-- 1,050 shot battery stamina (CIPA measurement)
-- SteadyShot INSIDE
The newest DSLR camera addition to the Sony range teams flawless imaging with generous creative options.
Powerful yet brilliantly easy to use, the DSLR-a450 is a perfect all-rounder when you're ready to take your passion for great pictures to a more advanced level. Ideal for active shooters moving up to their next DSLR camera, it's at home in any shooting situation, from relaxed portraits to fast-moving sports action.
Inside the a450 is a high-resolution 14.2 (approx.) effective megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor. It's teamed with the powerful BIONZ processor to deliver highly detailed, ultra-low noise images. Sensitivity extends right up to ISO 12800, allowing you to capture beautifully natural handheld images in low light without flash.
With a generous 95% field of view, the bright optical viewfinder makes framing and composition a pleasure. As an extra refinement, Manual Focus Check Live View previews clear, bright full-resolution images on the 6.7cm (2.7") Clear Photo LCD screen. With selectable 7x/14x on-screen image enlargement it's ideal for confirming pin-sharp focus with portraits, still life, macro and architectural scenes.
The powerful BIONZ image processor enables high-speed continuous shooting at up to 5 fps (maximum -- approx. figure). In Speed Priority mode (with AF and AE set at start of burst) this increases to an amazing 7 fps (maximum -- actual speed depends on shooting conditions and media card). It's more than enough to catch sports and fast-moving action with ease.
Creative options are enhanced with Auto HDR mode that accommodates bright highlights and dark shadow details in a single frame. Two successive frames shot handheld at different exposure values are merged automatically by the camera. The result is a detail-packed High Dynamic Range image -- with no need for a PC image editor and specialists skills. In addition to fully automatic operation, the exposure difference between frames can be manually set up to 3EV, in 0.5EV increments.
Featured right across the DSLR camera line-up by Sony, SteadyShot INSIDE offers up to 4 steps of anti-shake correction with the full range of 30 a lenses and two teleconvertors, as well as compatible A-mount optics by Konica-Minolta.
The a450 also offers the most impressive shooting stamina of any DSLR camera by Sony to date. The high-capacity battery allows up to 1,050 shots between charges* -- plenty for a busy weekend's sightseeing.
Slots for Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo and SD/SDHC memory cards (sold separately) are offered to suit users' personal shooting preferences.
Connect the a450 to any HD Ready TV for a breathtaking big-screen view of your photos. PhotoTV HD optimises still image reproduction on compatible BRAVIA models, while BRAVIA Sync allows control of slideshow and other camera playback functions using your TV remote.
Supplied software includes Image Data Converter SR; Image Data Lightbox SR; and PMB (Picture Motion Browser) for easy image management. The a450 is also compatible with the wide range of high-quality DSLR camera accessories by Sony, including flashes, carry cases, batteries and chargers, GPS and more.
The DSLR-a450 digital SLR camera by Sony is available from the beginning of February 2010.
* when using optical viewfinder (CIPA measurement)
Features DSLR-a450
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Effective Megapixels Approx. 14.2
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Lens compatibility Sony a lens, Minolta and
Konica Minolta AF lens
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Image sensor APS-C size (23.4x15.6mm) CMOS sensor
"Exmor" with RGB primary colour filters
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Processor BIONZ™ image processor
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
ISO Sensitivity Range 200 - 12800 ISO
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Image Quality Modes Jpeg (fine, standard), RAW, RAW + Jpeg
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
HDMI connector and Bravia Sync HDMI mini connector (Type C), BRAVIA
Sync (Sync menu), PhotoTV HD
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Image Size: 3:2 (pixels) L size: 4592x3056 (14M),
M size: 3344x2224 (7.4M),
S size: 2288x1520 (3.5M)
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Viewfinder Type Fixed eye-level, penta-Dach-mirror
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
LCD 6.7cm (2.7-inch) type, TFT Clear Photo
LCD (230,400 dots)
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Manual Focus Check Live View YES
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Anti-dust System Coating on low pass filter,
plus image-sensor shift
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Focus Modes AF/MF selectable.
AF modes: Single-shot AF, Automatic AF,
Continuous AF
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Autofocus TTL phase detection system;
CCD line sensors
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Focus Points 9 points
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Exposure Modes Programmed AE (AUTO,
AUTO - Flash Off, P), Aperture priority,
Shutter priority, Manual,
Scene selection
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Exposure Metering Sensor 40-segment honeycomb-pattern SPC
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Exposure Metering Modes Multi-segment, Centre-weighted, Spot
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Scene Selection Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sports,
Sunset, Night portrait/Night view
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Creative Style Settings Standard, Vivid, Portrait, Landscape,
Sunset, B/W
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Shutter Speed 1/4000-30sec, Bulb
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Exposure Bracketing 3 continuous exposures, in 0.3
or 0.7 EV steps
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
White Balance Settings Auto / 6 presets / Colour
Temperature/Colour Filter /
Custom WB
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Continuous Advance Shooting Up to 5 fps and 7 fps in speed
priority mode.
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Approx. no. of shots Approx. 1050 shots
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Built-in Flash Auto pop-up - GN 12 at ISO 100, FOV
coverage up to 18mm
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Flash Modes Flash-off, Auto, Fill-flash, Slow sync,
Rear Sync., Wireless*, Hi-speed sync.*,
*With external flash HVL-F58AM,
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Media Memory Stick PRO Duo / PRO-HG Duo /
SD memory card / SDHC memory card
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 137 x 104 x 81mm
(W/H/D, excluding protrusions)
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Weight Approx. 520g
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------

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  • Sanford

    Enough for new DSLR from SONY. Lack of effort on lens development on this brand makes a SONY user impatient. Keep pushing new model too fast also kill the second-hand price on the old models.

    I will quit from SONY. My SONY body – no worth to sell whatever – will keep to use M42 Lenses. That is it.

    • Stephen

      Get a Nikon D90 ! And besides, Sony cameras are ugly as hell.

      • Sanford

        Now I use mainly on D70s already. Plan to get a second hand Fuji S5 pro soon. Final target is the Nikon FX – neither D700 or D900 but newer model in future, that will use CMOS like D3s using.

      • Paul

        D90 is an ugly plastic toy in comparison with A700.

        • Joe Boston

          A700 is an underspecified crap SLR, much what I’ve come to expect from Sony.
          Image Quality isn’t the best, either.

  • bugger

    Personally, this is another fugly looking camera from Sony… Sony tries to change the way DSLR ‘should’ look, but their design has been crap except the A900/850 and A700.

    Alpha features are great and bang for the buck! but it’s their design, ergo and resale value (spoilt by Sony) that stops me from joining the Sony camp.

    • regular

      Honestly, you are the only one who cares about the camera look.
      As long as ergonomic is ok and pictures are nice…

      • bugger

        If design is not important, tell me why would Sony care bout redesigning their lower tier models and not just sticking with a100 or even KM’s?

        Obviously Sony care about design and why Sony is such, is becuz majority of the market care about it.

        Directions are from the majority and the majority are where the money is.

        You are the minority and one who cares what works and not the design, but that doesn’t mean you should dish me out yeah?

        • Stephen

          I agree with you bugger 100%. Sony cameras look like shit !

          Get a Nikon D90 !

        • Rick

          Absolutely right on bugger. Sony got it all wrong with their design for the lower end Alpha models. I used to own the a330 but sold it off after 2 months of ownership cuz the toyish feel of it starts to grow on me.

        • Sky

          well… you guys never visit a shop, do you? Out there ppl find Ax30 to be pretty camera while the ugliest is Nikon or Pentax mostly, lol… so…. sorry folks but what You think is not what People think.

          • bugger

            U r funny dude. How the heck you know what others r thinking in the shop? or you happened to be working in one of the Sony Style shops? If the sales figures can tell you something about the consumer’s preference, then pls see


          • Sky

            haha, lol, now you are funny. Japan market doesn’t have anything in common to europe nor US.
            As an example: out there huge part of cameras sold are micro 3/4 while where I live the sales of this cameras is close to none. Noone wants them when they can have DSLR for the same price.

  • Adam

    Amazing camera!

    Seriously I have a200 as my own and lately I had little chance to spend few days with a500 and it is amazing camera !

    That MF live view is just from other world ! I LOVE it as much as I hate live view. You can’t focus that good with ANY other dslr in the world.

    I would buy a450 becouse I hate Quick live view. But I must admit Sony lack in lenses I would love to have 35mm F/2 (Minolta had GREAT 35mm but no ADI). Flash is other thing that I would like to have HVL-f42am is just not up to standards of Canon 430EX II and I realy consider getting Metz 48 af-1 instead HVL-f42am

  • the wrong one

    Sony has more than enough low end model
    where are the A7xx, A8xx and A9xx !!?

  • mochapaulo

    I am really amazed by the strategy of Sony. It is really suck of developing redundant models to catch up so called market share. Kicking 2 or 3 models should help them speed up the development of remarkable model.

    In fact, Sony is just facing a dilemma of balancing the HDV market and DSLR /DC + Video market. The real trend is a HDVideo DC is more usable and attractive than any HDV on the market. HDV DC should erodes the HDV market if it keeps growing. If I were Sony, I should split the develop team to HDV DC and High End industry product. Entry level DV and high end consumer products are devaluing now.

    Sony, please wake up!


    THIS IS A MESSAGE FOR SONY.: DSLR are not TVs or Radio’s you have launch 13 cameras in a 3 years period, that have the Same Spec ( except A700) A850 and A900 are the Same , All the Aphals 550 and lower Are all The Same. they all fit in the same segment of cameras

    • loickeri

      this is also a message for Canon and Nikon … stop sucking with video !

  • Lorenzo

    “redundant” is the key word. Were I interested in a Sony, I would not know where to start from, as there are 7 new models all looking the same, and doing similar things. Hopefully time will teach sony how to cut some branches, and invest in what could make their system better (more prosumer – high-end amateur cameras à la a700-850; more lenses, especially primes and high-quality fixed f4 lenses, à la Canon; more accessories, etc.)

    • Sky

      “Were I interested in a Sony, I would not know where to start from” – Just go to first random Sony Center – people there will explain everything in 10 seconds if you can’t get it yourself.

  • loickeri

    not interesting at all
    when a pro camera ? a real Nikon D3X / Canon 1Ds competitor ?

  • CheekyChicky

    oh sony, the wallmart of photography

  • It’s true. The D90 is best camera, for less money

    Sony need to do a best job, to win this market. Sorry Sony, make a real D3X competitor, and we can talk. 🙂

    • Paul

      I’m afraid your mentioning D3X is nothing but bashing Sony if D90 is “best camera” for you.

  • jsv

    Doesn’t Sony make most of Nikon’s sensors?

    Anyway, it’s about time companies (all of them) stopped making DX sensor cameras and began to really compete with each other in the FX arena. The first one to break from the blocks with a sub-1500US full frame sensor will take a huge leap and dominate the market while everyone else catches up…the question is who will be the first company to do so…

    All cameras can be great in the hands of a competent photographer, regardless of how they look. I guess most people forget how ugly a Holga looks…yet David Burnett used one to create a prize winning photograph.

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