New Pentax Optio cameras fully leaked

Now we have the full monty of the previously reproted Pentax Optio cameras. The new models are I-10, H90 and E-90. You can get some of the specs from the images below:

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Source (in high-res): I-10E90, I-10 Black, E90_Black, H90

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  • Robert

    Nice retro styling on the I-10. So does it have an electronic viewfinder, or are you stuck with the tiresome old “hold it out at arm’s length” rain dance?

    • Anonymous

      its not “retro styling” its just a direct copy of the old pentax 110 camera. This is also something in general camera firm need to stop doing, “retro” styling new cameras, it just plain sucks, if they cant find a new idea they probably shouldnt bloody well make the camera

      • PY

        Well… they do just like american car makers do… Why wouldnt they ? It sells more ! (and surely costs less to design !!)

      • Robert

        But the 110 Pentax is “retro” by now! (So says this Spotmatic user.)

  • I/L-10 looks good in my opinion, at least the front does. It’s the slow lens that it looks like it has that is going to let it down. SR,… maybe the reason for the body design is only to house a proper stabilizing system rather than actually doing anything too out of the ordinary.

    • Mistral75

      Sure… If this compact camera looks like the Auto 110 and is called I-10, it has nothing to do with marketing and all with stabilizing system design.

      • You’re right marketing is the primary concern. I apologize for my stupid and dumb comment.

  • Legsvan

    Apparently with this 5.1-25mm lens it must use a sensor with similar size of the Canon G11.

    • Nat Whilk

      “it must use a sensor with similar size of the Canon G11.”

      Nope, 1/2.3″.

  • toocool4school

    looks like that sony camera.

  • Anonymous

    horrible cameras.look like toys. why not using an APS sensor by the way ?

  • Robert

    OK, it appears it doesn’t have the electronic viewfinder, as I had hoped. (If it did, the press releases would be mentioning it.)

    Well, that just about kills my interest in this model, but I suppose the retro look will be enough for most. And seriously, I don’t begrudge Pentax (OK, Hoya) any $$ they make with it. It’s just not for me.

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