What to expect @ PMA 2010

PMA 2010 is one of the major photography related shows in the US. This year the event will take place in Anaheim, California from February 21-23.

Many new photography products will be announced prior and during PMA. Here is a brief recap on what to expect based on previously reported rumors (click on each link for the corresponding article):

Panasonic: two point and shoot models and a Lumix G replacement.

Olympus: multiple point and shoot cameras, nothing else.

Pentax: three new compact cameras with some interesting design.

Sony: series of point and shoot cameras and α700 replacement.

Ricoh: new CX2 camera and a new 28-300 GXR lens.

Samsung: a new k-mount for the Samsung NX-10 is expected, don't have any other information at that point.

Tamron: maybe two new lenses ("maybe" because the announcement could be after PMA).

Hasselblad: a new service for photographers should be announced.

Fuji: maybe a new m4/3 EVIL model, otherwise some new digital and maybe film cameras.

Leica: nothing for PMA, but expect a new 35mm Summilux M lens in March and some new compact cameras (fyi: Leica is not attending PMA 2010).

Canon: 1Ds4 and 60D and maybe three new lenses. Canon should have an announcement on February 9th.

Nikon: well, I have a whole blog for that - too much to mentioned it all here, but Coolpix S8000, Coolpix P100, Coolpix S3000 and Coolpix S8000 are expected.

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  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t see Nikon. I mean the rumored 18 or 24 mp D900 !

  • Anonymous

    Hey what about Sigma???

    • Halborg

      Yeah, wasn’t the Sigma SD15 coming this February, or did they delay it another year?

      • I have info on Sigma, that’s why they are not the list.

        • Anonymous

          do you have any info on when the new sigma 70-200 2.8 might be coming out??? i heard it could be sometime this year…

          • I think somebody emailed me about this lens, but my understanding was that it will be released in March, after PMA.

        • WoutK89

          Do you have info, or dont you? 😛

  • Derek

    could you sum up on the nikon page what you expect from nikon at pma.

    • I added the 4 Coolpix cameras – those are the only models I am 99% sure. Everything else is just speculations for now.

      • Derek

        thanks 🙂

  • Din

    Samsung would launch new accessories for NX system. Will present the K-mount adapter and could announce new lenses.

  • Roger

    I thought Canon backed out of PMA this year.

    • Roger

      I’m going to update my own post.

      I see Canon’s updates are from canonrumors.com.

      Canon IS NOT a part of PMA 2010. I think dpreview or somebody else mentioned that they pulled out; go to the official PMA site, they ARE NOT an exhibitor. So why would they have an announcement in February? The 1DMkIV was announced ahead of their 3 year schedule because of the Winter Olympics, and they’ve already announced the one new lens they have.

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