Olympus is hiding something, literally

This screenshot was taken from the Olympus US website. I am really confused, because if Olympus releases a new E-P3, it will mean that the m4/3 line is on a less than 6 months life cycle (E-P2 was announced on November 5th 2009, E-P1 on June 16th 2009).

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  • spam

    Olympus has promised both cheaper and more advanced mFT models, maybe this is a cheaper one. Can’t see that there are much they could remove though.

  • from the size, it looks like another m43 wow.. It is good for consumers tho, because if you wait a bit more, other model’s price will go down. just like E-P1

  • Josh

    Rangefinder-look with built-in flash… (Look between index finger and thumb…) Looks dandy to me!

  • Mike

    Maybe the first fixed lens m43? Even more compact and cheaper than the E-P1 is now? Now, that would be cool 😉

    • spam

      Fixed lens mFT don’t make sense. mFT is the mount, and you don’t have that on a camera with a fixed lens.

    • Carlos

      Yep…thats it….i just hope for a new sensor with better Drange….

  • NikoDoby

    The E-P2 wasn’t really meant as a replacement for the E-P1. They are both still sold side by side. So perhaps the E-P3 is just an additional model with different features, price point, etc.

    • Niko, you are right (as always), but this doesn’t make any sense to me – the general perception of maybe 98% of potential camera buyers is that a higher numbering means a newer & better version (the price difference now is over $400!):

      • the above example was with the 14-42 lens

      • I think E-P2 has most of the features (if not all) E-P1 has, plus it shares similar body design (except the electronic connector), so it is logical for people to think that E-P2 is an E-P1 successor.

        • Sky

          well… it is. They added support for new accessories and… that’s basically everything.
          EP-2 is not an alternative, it’s just a poor successor.

      • Anonymous

        Mind you, the add talks about “innovation” so it must be a step up from the E-P1/E-P2 or it wouldn’t be much innovation. (That is, if it is a m4/3 camera.)

        I think there is a market for high end m4/3 bodies. (Irrelevant of whether or not this will prove to be one.)

      • Richard

        It may just be that Olympus is trying to see where the market is for these things by offering several with different features and price points and seeing which ones attract buyers…a little bit like gardening. You plant a lot and cultivate the ones that seem to prosper. Right now all the manufacturers are guessing at what features people want and what they are willing to pay for them all the while trying to get something to market while they try to sort out the technology and design. Once they get a better feel for what sells I would expect the turnover rate of models to settle down some.

  • Carlos

    Sigma DPx competition….fixed lens…

  • WT21

    Hopefully 43 sensor in a compact with a limited range fixed lens (hopefully starting w/wide ap) and built in flash.

    That’d all be great. But what would be incredible, would be range-finder like controls — ss, ap even ISO on dials, not in menus. That would be something. (though it doesn’t look like it in the picture)

  • ok why does any one think it is a fixed non removable lens? or are you just hoping for a new prime? anyway the dial will be a mode dial the split color does look like some of the old mockups for the m4/3 cameras and unforgivably, it does not look to have a built in VF. but who know the “flash” (right side) might just be a EVF instead.

    • Anonymous

      its not in The M4/3rds section of the website – stylus

      • It might be advanced compact camera then, possibly with big sensor (judging from the size). Anybody interested?

        If that true, It sounds like counterintuitive to me. m43 has interchangeable lens system, why downgrade it to fixed lens camera.

        • Sky

          Price + no worries about the dust inside + it’s simpler to use (my grandma: “oh! you have to change lenses in that thing!” )

          • yes, the only reason might be price. $500 or below will be sweet.

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