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Why the iPad doesn’t have a built-in camera?

Am interesting rumor from the ImagingInsider: “…it originally was supposed to have one… at least that’s what we were told. But, when Kodak filed a complaint against Apple earlier this year for patent infringement the iPad design changed…” Here is a shot from the iPad enclosure and you can clearly see that there is space […]

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Some interesting Sony links

Slow day. Some interesting Sony links: Some technical details on the new BSI 10.3MP sensor IMX050 from Sony Sony bosses ‘pushing’ for 3D camera

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Interesting patents from Sony and Panasonic

Sony half-mirror/Pellix-mirror patent (US Patent Application 20100045853) – this patent will allow AF during video recording/live view: “There is proposed a digital camera which is capable of simultaneously performing phase difference detecting AF by a phase difference detecting AF sensor and live view in which time-series images for determining a picture composition are electronically displayed […]

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PMA announcements are over, Panasonic and Pentax are next

2010 PMA show is over (see detailed report here). A lot of point and shoot cameras were released and almost nothing in the DSLR area. The stars of show, in my opinion, were the “three S”: Sony: EVIL and a700 replacement prototypes. Sigma: 5 new lenses, 2 DP cameras, the SD15 DSLR (after almost 2 years delay) plus maybe […]

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Just announced: Pentax W90 and X90

The previously rumored Pentax W90 and X90 just got released as expected. The W90 looks interesting with the LED lights around the lens.

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Olympus confusion: “‘We still plan to develop full size DSLRs”

Dpreview had an interview at PMA with John Knau (US DSLR Product Manager) who tried to convince everyone that Olympus will continue to produce DSLRs despite the comments made two days ago by another DSLR Product Manager from Olympus.

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Samyang 14mm f/2.8 IF ED MC Aspherical

The last report on the Samyang 14mm f/2.8 IF ED MC Aspherical full frame lens was for a potential delay till Q1 of 2010. The lens is now available for pre-order on eBay with Sony, Pentax, Canon and Nikon mounts (ships in April, 2010):

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Tokina and Ricoh announced plans for new lenses at PMA

Tokina announced plans for a new 16-28mm f/2.8 wide angle lens for full frame (source). In 2010 Ricoh is planning to release a new P10 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 VC lens piece for the GXR system. This lens was reported as a rumor here over a month ago. The included sensor will be back-illuminated CMOS with 10MP (same […]

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