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Just announced: Pentax W90 and X90

The previously rumored Pentax W90 and X90 just got released as expected. The W90 looks interesting with the LED lights around the lens.

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Pentax announcement next week: W90 & X90

The previous rumor about another Pentax announcement right after PMA was true. You probably also remember this leak on a retail website about a new Pentax W90 waterproof camera. That one was true as well: The Pentax W90 will be the first camera with LED lights around the lens for close-up photography. According to the picture […]

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Pentax will have another product release this month

The rumored date for the next Pentax announcement is February 24, 2010 (it could be +/- 1day in the US). This is weird because PMA ends at February 23rd. My guess is that this announcement will be for the recently leaked Pentax W90, which appears to be another waterproof p&s camera. Not sure why this […]

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