Pentax announcement next week: W90 & X90

The previous rumor about another Pentax announcement right after PMA was true. You probably also remember this leak on a retail website about a new Pentax W90 waterproof camera. That one was true as well:

The Pentax W90 will be the first camera with LED lights around the lens for close-up photography. According to the picture it should have HD video and 5x zoom (ok, I will not comment on the substance in the picture above - I think besides water proof and shock proof this cameras will also be s**t  proof).

The second camera will be the Pentax X90 - a 26x super zoom camera with a 12.1MP sensor:

For some reason Pentax pulled out of PMA in the last moment (Canon and Leica are also not part of PMA this year).

Expect those two cameras to be announced on February 24th (+/- 1 day in the US).

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  • Nick

    Kudos Pentax, judging by that picture the W90 might well be the first barf-proof camera out there.

    • K. Artur

      my thought exactly… what is that STUFF???
      Barf is saying it mildly, looks more like, You know, a liquid form of… what the hell, diarrhea is the word. 8^)

  • Rob

    Note that the article on the new Pentax says that “The second camera will be the Pentax X90 – a 26x super zoom camera with a 21.1MP sensor”, but that in the photo of the camera, it says it has 12.1 MP.

    • typo, sorry

      • Rob

        No need to apologize – just thought you’d want to correct it. BTW, THANKS for your efforts on a fun and informative website!

  • Looks like wet sand to me…

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