What’s on Sony’s mind for PMA?

After the leaked Sony DSC-TX5 waterproof p&s camera, I don't really have any reliable information on what Sony will release for PMA. A replacement for the Sony α700 DSLR is expected, but it is really unusual that there hasn't been any leaks so far.

There is a very low chance that Sony will release an EVIL camera for PMA.

Sony plans to design and develop laser-beam-steering based pico-projector modules to be used in their digital cameras. LBS projectors (such as the Microvision Show-WX) uses lasers as the light source, and a scanning-mirror to direct the light. Nikon were the first to introduce a digital camera with built-in projector (Coolpix S1000pj) and seems that Sony wants to the second in line.

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  • Jumph

    Some new lens will be nice. I want a tiny 35/2 for street photography.

  • Mark

    I think there is much point & shoot camera info and announcements now to that the show and the bigger ticket items will not drown the point & shoot cameras.

    PMA is not until Feb 21st, so I think there will be DSLRs announced, the billion dollar question is what, how many, and who is coming out with them (*Note: DSLR in this case includes these new fancy schmancy new compact with some sorta bigger sensors).

    Need some good leak at least.


  • Deepak

    My sources say that Sony is going to showcase the replacement for DSC-HX1 during PMA 2010.

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