Olympus working on E-3 replacement, promises more 4/3 cameras (mirror and mirrorless)

In an interview with AP, Olympus confirmed for the second time that they are not going to stop producing DSLR cameras (see previous post). They also confirmed that they are working on an E-3 replacement but did not specify any further details.

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  • Eric Pepin

    another tiny sensor pretending to be pro…………………… on the other hand, if i was going on safari… i might bring A E4 with a 600mm lens and 2x tele converter giving you 2400 mm focal lenght……..

  • Rd

    im tired of wating . they are having fun with m4/3

    and seems to ignore 4/3

    damn you Oly

    • Adam

      Hmm, from how the market looks right now, I’m not sure how long will 4/3 last, m4/3 looks like to be the way right now.

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