Samsung working on a full frame camera

The rumor mill has sloweed down significantly after PMA 2010. Many companies are preparing to release their best products before Photokina in September.

I did however received a rumor from oversee that Samsung is working on a full frame camera. No further details were given, but the announcement could happened at Photokina this year. Since Samsung declared that their DSLR line is dead (source), I would assume that the upcoming full frame camera will be an EVIL model. ALl this is nothing new and there has been multiple related reports in the past:

  • Samsung did confirm that they are working on a "CMOS sensor intended for use in a professional camera".

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  • jose

    Too early. To succeed in the market t would require a quantum leap improvement in EVF and AF performance, both being better than in the current DSLR’s, as there would be only a marginal advantage in size (none in the case of lenses)

  • Richard

    Samsung is rolling in money at the moment (,-sales-increase-23-per-cent/1). If there is any company that could spend R&D dollars on developing an insane full-frame EVIL camera, it would be Samsung.

    On another note, if Samsung does indeed launch a number of mirrorless system cameras by the end of 2010, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Samsung take 3rd place in the overall DSLR/EVIL sales rankings within the next 2 yrs.

  • astrophotographer

    Didn’t Samsung have several full frame lens patents last year? Points to research into FF.

  • mochapaulo

    It may be just to early to comment but refer to NX10’s image quality, I just doubt is she able to make such a giant leap. The image quality of NX10 is not superior enough to fight against Canon and Nikon. So in a technical sense, Samsung still have a long path to convince the consumer that her camera product is worthwhile to be loyal to.
    The reason of making such statement is because we know that Sony makes same sensor for A900 and Nikon D3X but the image quality is obviously dominate by Nikon not Sony. This is interesting to see that a sensor manufacturer might not be the best one to utilize the hardware. If Samsung learnt from this experience, she should know what to do with her own product. A better algorithm should be developed rather than chasing higher specification in resolution.

    Of course, this is good to see another mirrorless FF system to come (if it is true). The market is just suffered from the physical bottle neck of making higher resolution sensor. We are expecting more full frame to come and push the APS-C and M4/3 sensor more popular that simulate the migration to the compact DC.

  • moo

    If Samsung really makes a full frame EVIL camera that I can adapt M mout lenses to I would buy one with no second thoughs, even better if it has a good EVF.

  • Mark

    A full frame “pen” from Samsung would really make things interesting. Something compact that isn’t DSLR-shaped.

  • Eric Pepin

    interesting, except if its a NX10 style body then i rather just get a d700.. sure it weights a decent amount more but its a proven system with a legacy of lenses that are top notch. Going full hog into a new unproven samsung system COULD be amazing, but dont forget, no used lenses, no discontinued lenses, no sales. Everything would be minty new, hard to get a hold of, waiting lists for the first year if its a hit or maybe longer. Tough luck samsung id say.

    • Adam

      yeah, seriously with the state of how Oly, Pana and the other players of the camera market, I don’t even understand what’s the beneficial for Samsung as a company to go for the higher end camera market (besides PnS).

      • Eric Pepin

        They would need to release a series of full frame lenses for the NX10 first so that there is atleast a 17 – 200 range of 2.8 zooms covered and the classic primes of 24,35,50, and 85 hopefully along with one super tele prime. If they built the lenses first and later worried about the body samsung could do great. But, they wouldnt, they would release there full frame lenses with the pro body, just a few of them, making it useless.

  • HD

    Waiting for Photokina

  • Din

    May a EVIL FF could be the “nemesis” of the medium/high amateurs DSLR like 7D/D300/5D/D700.
    DSLR body like, lighter, cheaper and smaller than 5D/D700.

  • Sky

    Lens-less system? or only through adapters? Pointless IHMO. Even if they’d release it at Photokina – it wouldn’t be any good as FF camera without any cheap lenses you can connect is just a mistake.

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