Pentax 645D will start shipping on May 20th in Japan

According to Amazon Japan, Pentax 645D will start shipping on May 20th, 2010:

The price is ¥848,000 with tax (around $9370). Amazon Japan does not ship electronics to other countries (for now the 645D will be sold only in Japan). Some other sites, like will probably offer shipping outside Japan for a premium.

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  • Zorro

    If you want it and can afford to buy it, you can probably afford to fly to Japan to get it.

  • Based on Kakaku (a Japanese price-comparo site)

    The 645D is currently can be pre-ordered for as low as ¥777,200 at several stores. Which is $8,587.

  • BH

    why wont it be coming to america?

    • blonger

      In an interview with Luminous Landscapes Pentax said they will in the long run. Right now they don’t have the level of professional support to backup a camera like the 645D so they decided to release it first in Japan.

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