Rebates killed the rumors

Many manufacturers have introduced rebates programs. Usually new products are not introduced when there is an ongoing rebate campaign, which also means slow times for the rumor mill. Also, all major players are preparing for Photokina (coming up in September, 2010) and don't want to show their cards in advance.

Here are the latest rebates:

  • Canon:

Canon 50D: $100 rebate
Canon 50D + 28-135mm: $100 rebate
Canon 50D + 28-135mm and 70-300mm: $250 rebate
Canon EOS 50D SLR Digital Camera Kit with 17-85mm Lens: $400-$500 conditional rebate
Canon EOS 50D SLR Digital Camera Kit with Canon 18-200mm EF-S IS Lens: $400-$500 conditional rebate

  • Olympus:

Olympus E620: $50 rebate
Olympus E-30: $100 rebate
Olympus E-3: $100 rebate

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  • Kevin Y

    bad for rumor mills indeed

  • heinz

    Well, no rumors but some guessing:

    First some save predictions:

    – Canon 7D Mk II: 21mp 7D replacement, September 2010
    – Canon 600D: 21mp 550D replacement, February 2011
    – Canon 7D Mk III: 24mp, September 2011
    – Canon 650D: 24mp, February 2012

    Nikon are less reliable. Will they join the mp race? If yes the D7000 and the D300s replacement should go to 21 or 24mp, to be competitive with Canon.

    – Nikon D700 replacement: 24mp, Full HD, Photokina 2010
    – Nikon D7000: August/September 2010: Let’s hope for CAM3500 AF in a D90 sized body.
    – Nikon D400? Don’t see much room for it between the D700 replacement and the D7000, but probably they will surprise us with a pair of D400/D7000 cameras sharing sensors.

  • dude

    d4 with iso 819200 please.

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