Panasonic Image Sensor Roadmap: 20MP in 2012

The graph says it all:

Panasonic DSC Roadmap 2010

Industrial Sensors Roadmap after the break:

Panasonic Industrial Sensors Roadmap 2010

Via Image-sensors-world

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  • They seriously want to put 20 megapixels in digicams? Jezus!

  • donde?

    There seems to be a lack of innovation.

  • abi

    Yeah, why they don’t make EXR sensors like Fuji… they could improve DR dramatically… sigh

  • Anonymous

    The gh1 kicks evry apsc sensors !!!! and I m saling all my nikon gears if they go 14 mpx befor nikon!!!my dmc L10 gives me better picture than my D90 in low iso like 100 wich nikon dont have ,my gh1 is better than my D 300 in high iso and of course better than any Canon or tempax!!!!! So is my Lumix Leica 25 f 1.4 better than 25 f 1.4 from nikon or Canon for 1/3 of the price ; If Panasonic is commin with a weather proof bigger body with real improove sensor my thoughts will be true ,period.

    • Ranomnoid

      Was that meant to be a joke?

      • Carlos


        • Eric Pepin

          ya, you go do that. The gh1 has a horrible finder, and you try showing up to a paid shoot with a gh1 and see what the client says. On the other hand if i show up with a d90 with the grip and a 85 1.4 that weighs as much as a grapefruit and looks like a light eating monster, ill be taken a tad more seriously.


            I own a GH1, and people pay me for gigs, and I’d rather have a GH1 then a Nikon HDslr. Even if I had the money, I would not buy a 5d, nor a 1d.

            Having a smaller camera does make a client insecure, but it doesn’t mean it sucks.

  • mochapaulo

    Certainly a joke. 20MP on a 4/3 sensor is in fact being developed in the research process. Of course, the technical problem is needed to solve. But I just can’t stand it anymore because the pixel density is going to kill the lens…

  • Anonymous


  • Kampela

    Yeah, nice way to fill up your hard drives and memory cards and slow down your photo processing. 12Mp would have been more than enough. Other than that is only for studio photographers and let’s face it, no studio photographer uses Panasonic cameras.

    • naru

      i think 15Mp should be more than enough for the most of us.
      don’t really see the point of buying 20 or 24 Mp cameras.

  • Anonymous

    10mp sensors of the 1/2.3″ size become diffraction limited at around f/2.8.
    Now, unless they match those 20mp sensors with f/0.5 lenses, the image quality is not going to increase, only the file size will (plus the inevitable reduction in dynamic range).
    You can’t beat the laws of Physics…

    • Sky

      Panasonic can!

      Cause if they cannot than it simply means they are idiots investing millions into sensor which will be in 50% totally useless.

      • Anonymous

        One word: Marketing!

        There are always going to be people buying cameras just because they have lots and lots of megapixels.
        There are already cameras beyond the diffraction limit, for instance, for most 12mp 1/2.33″ compacts, their telephoto setting is usually sth like f/6, way beyond the limit where diffraction gets important, so, you buy a 12mp camera and get the “equivalent” of a 6mp one!

  • dino

    Hem.. a funny thought, seen the producer…
    I’m starting to think that’s all a vitiated circle.. first they make cameras with lots of MP and then TVs to display correctly the large pictures in HD, now they make more MP cameras.. I guess they want to produce and sell another line of more HD TVs ? First we spend lots of money to have the biggest and latest and then after only a few years when you don’t have finished paying it yet, another better comes out hahaha ! (Sony and other hardware / tv producers of course are in the same cauldron)

  • Aiden

    As a meerkat wouls say in his simples way: ” NOOOOO!”

  • Aiden

    As a meerkat would say in his simples way: ” NOOOOO!”

  • DCexplorer

    they should have make a sensor that has high useable iso rather than high pix. as one of the advantage of ff sensor is their low noise performent. If a m3/4 can shoot similar to ff in low night i will certainly sell my 5d MII.

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