Sony EVIL NEX3 – the first pictures

Sony is expected to announce two EVIL models on May 11th: NEX3 and NEX5. Both will have a new 14 MP Sony Exmor HD sensor. The NEX5 model will have faster fps and 1080p video, the NEX3 will have 720p video. As you can see from the picture and from previous reports, the lens is made from Chromium and it appears to be very solid.

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  • taurui

    Ooohhh bouncy flash. Nice.

  • Ih8you

    really? chrome lens? that loos soo ugly on a flat black body. i really hope they make something more low key.

    • Jim

      +1 I second that emotion. Rather than contributing to a stealthy profile it makes it stand out like a sore thumb. Since I was considering this for street I am a bit disappointed as I am with the lenses. Shame.

  • mochapaulo

    When I saw the lens, I almost think that it is an April Fool joke….April is not yet passed…

    • Sky

      Ehhh…. you can’t make people happy. If Sony would make black plastic lens, everyone would be whining “plastic toy from Sony” – if Sony makes full metal lens, like in old good times, first comments are whining that it’s metal… lol… that’s just pathetic.

  • brian

    I like the chrome lens! I’ll take two.

  • Mark

    A major deciding point for me is if it will take my Leica/Voigtländer M lenses, like the m4/3 cams do. With an even larger sensor in the Sony, lenses like my 12/5.6 and 15/4 will be nice.

  • With that finger in the picture, it looks like the NEX3 might be as small as the EPL-1. The lens is bigger, but it does have to cover the larger APS-C size. We’ll have to see if that gamble pays off or not. Size is definitely a big reason I’m looking to get an EP-2 soon. I suppose I can wait 2 more weeks and see what Sony comes up with.

  • Eric Pepin

    um… i hope that kit lens comes in black as well, the only reason id buy a evil type camera would be for street photography, and that chrome lens is more obvious then a DSLR would ever be.

  • inteliboy

    I dunno about these EVIL cameras, and small/mid sensor cameras in general. We’re starting to get to a point where the quality is all the same – but you’re stuck in this wide DOF world that unless your shooting landscapes, just looks cheap and video-y.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Even M4/3 can get shallow DOF at the right focal length with a fast lens. With an APS-C sensor at that size, and the fast lenses they’re promising, I will be VERY interested in this camera. The deal sealer will be if SONY brings the video goods (great manual controls) and learns how to produce noiseless hi ISO JPGs. They certainly have the pedigree for the former, and a disappointing track record with the latter. This is quite possibly my blueprint for a successful EVIL camera.

  • Steve

    This is a full size APS-C DSLR size sensor. Not 4/3 or any other size, hence the size of the lens. Expect high ISO on par with A550. In other words best high ISO of any mirror-less body on the market.

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