New L-Bracket from Arca-Swiss coming soon

Arca-Swiss is preparing to release a new L-bracket (price: 190 Euros):

Source: LeicaRumors via Summilux

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  • arash moallemi

    Well some one finally posts some info and images about these L-Brackets
    Wonder what the green leavers are for under the plates.
    Thank you

    • Kenneth Yung

      I guess it is for adjusting the position of the plates.

      This is useful in two situations.
      1. it makes the L-plate more universial to different cameras?
      2. By re-positioning the camera, it allows the cables to pass through as illustrated in the last figure

  • Anonymous

    Height and width adjustments obviously, look at the shot with the D700, its the same Lbracket as the 1ds… it’s adjustable!

    • Anonymous

      it’s more like a D300 to me

      • Pronos

        Thats actually the original D300, the D300s doesn’t have the CF door latch.

  • designwallah

    Probably Quick-release levers. But what does this do? How does this make it easier to switch been landscape and portrait?

  • Anonymous

    because you have a mount on both sides of the body, look over at the leica rumors, you can see the plates slide through the bars, it’s an adjustable L bracket folks.

  • Ih8you

    who cares.

    • disco

      jesus cares

    • GlobalGuy

      This is actually very cool. Currently, we have to replace our L-Brackets if they are body-specific. That’s a huge expense/ordeal (if you sell it). If they are sturdy and reliable, an adjustable might be preferred. You could use them on different cameras if you have two different bodies.

      What I would more prefer is if the bracket could be popped off without having to use a screw driver/tool. I hate that my L-Bracket is permanently part of my camera unless i get an L-shaped tool to screw it off. If there was a lever that unscrewed the attachment (a quick release) that would be perfect.

  • Sergey

    I’m buying this the moment it comes out.

    I always hated the idea of buying body specific l-bracket. When you buy it’s too expensive, but when you try to sell it no one wants it because everyone has switched to a newer camera model, just like you.

  • There will be shortcommings there always are with generic products, the Canon cameras have a side gasket to get to the remote plug, this means you will have to adjust the mount every time you want to use your remote or leave the thing sticking out, I’ll stick with custom L-Brackets

  • i just wish the camera makers would make the locking hole next to tripod mount as video cameras have. that and also vertical tripod socket on left side. It would make life much more easy.

  • jon

    Cool, but I’m a Bogen/Manfrotto guy, so Manfrotto – come out with a L bracket too!

  • Ian Gilbert

    Very shiny, lots of chrome. It will appeal to that segment of the U.S. market that can’t pronounce “digital camera”.

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