Mamiya RZ33 incoming

Mamiya has something new to show on May 25th - Mamiya RZ33:


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  • John

    Wjhat a joke – a surplus stock leaf back matched with a dinosaur camera body. Not unusual for Phase One

  • John

    What a joke – a surplus stock old technology leaf back matched with a dinosaur camera body. Not a surprise for Phase One

  • Bernard

    It could do well as a studio camera if it offers a revolving back, tethering and a competitive price. I’m assuming that the back can be put on a Mamiya DF (AFD) for the occasional off-the-tripod job.

    RZ’s aren’t exciting for “prosumers,” but they’ve got a proven track record of delivering the goods year after year with very little fuss.

    • Eric Pepin

      most studios do at one point have one laying around. There is a reason they are made to this day.

  • Anonymous

    are they that legendary?

  • MarkB

    Well, I want one. I’ve been using my old tethered H20 16mp back on my RZ for a while, and I love the output, and ease of use (Capture One). I’ve got a BIG box full of RZ and RB Glass. This would make life so much easier if the price is in the right ballpark.

  • Lyr

    Unless they have a back covering more than the 645 surface, what is so special with this ad?

    RZ (and RB) gives a lot used with a full 645 Leaf or Phase One back.

    The next step to attain in order to give more is increasing the surface (54mm x 54mm ? )

  • pgn

    Mamiya RZ./RB lenses cover 70x70mm square. Such sensor would be really something!

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