What is that? Contax digital rangefinder?

A reader sent me this picture - it appears to be a Contax rangefinder (just like this one here) but with some additional buttons. The additional dial appears to be the same as in recent Canon DSLRs (see this Canon dial sticker). Maybe a photoshopped stock image?

The picture was published in the Outside magazine:

Source: flickr

You can see it also on their website:

This is how the top of a film Contax G1 rangefinder looks like (source):

The top plate of a Contax G2 rangefinder can bee seen here.

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  • Barbu

    The On/Off button looks awfully familiar too.

  • Kevin

    As neat as the concept is, I believe we’re looking at a mashed up graphic for the magazine, and that’s all.

  • J

    Shadows on the buttons are wrong and the new dial doesn’t make sense at all… P’shoped…

  • John

    While I believe this to be a Photoshop creation, I sure as sh!t wish it was real. I would buy a digital version of the G1 system in a heartbeat.

    I really wish more manufacturers would produce quality digital rangefinders at lower premiums that Leica’s offerings.

  • Wow.. this would be a dream come true.. OMG! Oh GOD PLEEEAAASEE!!!!!

  • Wow.. That would be a dream come true.. If its a good sensor that is.. Leicas FF sensor is really crap.. Please God, make this come true! OMG OMG OMG!

    • Eric Pepin

      your insane right ? how can you say Leicas M9 FF sensor is crap, it is amazing and I wish more cameras would use something like it.

      • lolque

        i guess he doesnt even own one himself.
        i do myself, and my friend told me it is not good at all, cuz they cant take pictures with ISO 3200+…. “i was like..:WDF dude”

  • Info

    It is the best idea, but I think – not real!

  • Huggs


  • Nobody Special

    The G1 wasn’t exactly a big seller or as reliable as one would want for high-priced camera. The point here is that the design looks to similar – anything is possible, but…….

    Not real in my little sphere. Oh, the Leica M9 sensor is crap? hmmmm.

  • michael

    First digital camera I ever saw with an exposure counter. Does it stop at 36?

  • The Leica M9 sensor – please tell me whats good about it? Yes it has 18 megapixel, but who needs that?
    Lower dynamic range then Nikons aps-c cameras and horrible high iso… How can you think that its a good sensor? Just because its expensive does not mean its good.
    I would really love an M9, but only if the sensor where in the same league as Nikon FF.

  • phil

    Well, at least it finally got a 5-pin hot shoe, thanks to the graphic designer!

  • Rob

    As much as I would love a Digital G series, this is a bad photochop. Kyrocera destroyed all of the Contax dies, etc – there’ ain’t never gonna be another G unless miracles happen – and it suck more, because a revival of the G as Micro 4/3rds would be epic.

  • Meh

    clearly fake, why have 2 on buttons?
    (The real one is on the right hand, a dial around the shutter)

  • Cole

    Dont even kid about that kind of stuff. It’s obviously fake but it gives my false hope :(.

  • While Kyocera was the parent and killer of Contax, Carl Zeiss AG is alive and well and along with Cosina, is producing a couple of nice rangefinder film cameras, along with a full arsenal of very nice Zeiss glass. Kyocera licensed the Contax brand-name, which is now dormant. Carl Zeiss AG uses their traditional Ikon branding.

    There has long been rumors of a digital version being in the works, but so far no real evidence of it.

  • canapé

    why does it have a mode dial AND a speed dial?… doesn’t make much sense…

  • Lawrence Plummer

    Since this is actually my scan of the original page of the June 2010 edition of Outside Magazine, just a comment. This was originally posted to RFF as a joke! Of course it is a photoshopped image (from Outside Magazine)! It was just someone’s result of way to much time on their hands.

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