Another amazing Samsung concept from Tecnofotografia

After the amazing Sony concept, today Tecnofotografia published a new Samsung concept - you can attach the flash unit on top of the viewfinder! Can someone offer those guys a job to design photo equipment?

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  • Din

    Wow… I like it…
    The external flash look very good.

  • John

    Now all they need is a decent sensor, a decent lens and a decent marketing program and they may actually sell one outside Korea.

  • Zorro

    What a great idea – attach the flash on top of the viewfinder. Wait, haven’t we been doing that with our SLRs for decades?

    • Zdepth

      Zorro, we’ve always used flash shoe on a reflex sight but never in an external viewfinder, that just are part of the criticism of us users, so far or using the flash or use the viewfinder, you can not use the two simultaneously, but this concept seems interesting, you can use the two things at once.

  • Din

    How many EVILs with external optional EVF have that?

  • Nobody Special

    Heck, that is kind of what I thought a Leica R EVIL would be like.

  • Anonymous


  • Kolame

    The camera is not high enough, it looks tossed. But there is potential!

  • mochapaulo

    Ouch, a hybrid-copy camera. Please be more creative.

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