Two interesting patents from Sony and Canon

Update: I forgot that Canon also filed a patent for a touchscreen DSLR few months ago.

The first patent is about a touchscreen DSLR from Sony:

PhotographyBay has the whole story, here is a part of the patent application:

The touch panel 332 functions as a touched position detector that detects the touched position where the user touches the display screen 33f of the rear monitor 33, whereby a user’s operation can be inputted.

The thus configured rear monitor 33, when the approaching eye sensor 15 detects that an eye of the user has approached, is shut off to prevent glare produced by the display screen 33f and reduce electric consumption thereof. In the touch panel 332, however, some touch buttons (icons B1 to B5 in FIGS. 6A and 6B) remains active (turned on) while the other touch buttons (tracking AF frames Bp in FIGS. 6A and 6B) are turned off, as will be described later. – US Patent Appl. No. 2010/0134676

The second patent is for a camera voice recognition from Canon which is probably targeted at the p&s market.

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  • Alan

    I guess Sony doesn’t want people who need to wear gloves using their cameras.

  • Nobody Special

    One has to ask – ‘and I need a touch-screen…..why’?

    The design/marketing/sales departments must feel the need to invent or provide things that photographers have lived fine without for how many years? I know that the photo blogs and sites have been over-run with requests for such features – hardly.

    No thanks.

    • Anonymous

      The only good reason i can think of having a touch screen like that is so theres more screen space on the camera

      • Good point.. and it can replace some of the toggle functions of buttons. I have grown to like touch screens on cellphones.

  • Asu misuh

    No thanks,
    All we need is better image quality not just
    Stylish upgrade

  • Ivan

    We don’t need this… only reason this might be usefull is placing focus points in any part of the frame.

  • Sky_walker

    Actually – it is a nice idea. You can have bigger, higher resolution screen cause the big buttons do not take any space. Disadvantage of having smaller buttons isn’t very important unless it’s winter. For armatur studio photography, or street photo or wherever you might need to check photos quickly it’d be a perfect solution. My only concern is that instead of having bigger LCD Sony will produce even smaller DSLR (and IMHO current entry-level DSLRs already are too small for anyone else than 3yo girl hands)

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