Bad timing for Samsung and Fuji

Few hours after Panasonic, Samsung announced two new dual view point and shoot cameras - the ST100 and the ST600. In case you are interested:

Fuji did the same thing - two new p&s models:

Pre-orders: Z800 | F300

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  • Anonymous

    nobody cares, until we’ll see some real sensor improvment – deeper colors & medium format dynamic range.
    I am sick of waiting 10 years for this. Since the Digital sensors are out the only improvments are MP & noise reduction.

  • MK

    LOL +++1 anonymous

    who cares? the big question…. the sad answer? probably no one. bad timing on announcement, but regardless cameras with dual screens and projectors are gimmicks. the purpose of the camera is to render and image, using a sensor. if i wanted a projector, id buy… a projector. likewise with dual screens. personally, i don’t care about the products, but these companies’ development teams should really focus on image quality.

    release the nx100 already samsung. nx5 release was a snooze fest.

  • King Of Swaziland


  • kai

    well, front LCD might be useful for female self-potrait. it is benificial to them.

    • MK

      hahaha – the ladies love the self-portrait. if you love ladies, then by association, YOU love self portrait

  • Eric Pepin

    dual screens get a love of love at the camera store, they are a good feature.

  • Inge-M.

    Typical, Facebook camra 🙂

  • Ray

    panasonic stabbed them first. lol

  • camaman

    I don’t see how this is timing for Samsung.
    All of these cameras are consumer oriented and cant be bought today.
    Most of the target market will go: oh look at those nice dual LCD cameras from Samsung. They are so cool vs those lame black expensive ordinary Panasonics…

    hahaha 🙂 😛

    • because everyone concentrated their attention on the LX5

  • hello

    Photos are really poor from one of this new Panasonic cameras.

    Look at iso 100… shame!

    • john

      Whoah! You’re absolutely right, those images are fugly at 100% crop. Probably okay when downresing to for web, but still. N-A-S-T-Y!!!

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