Samsung NX100, 3 new lenses in September

According to the Korean site Ddaily (in English) Samsung will release a new APS-C sensor based NX100 model and three new lenses on September 14, 2010 (right before Photokina).

Last month Samsung NX100 listing made a brief appearance on Samsung Imaging website.

Via Samsunghub

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  • MK

    samsung is doing well enough for just having entered the camera industry. i took a good hard look at the nx10, but its not for me because the size was not right (DSLR-esqe). please bring body IS samsung! its great at reducing size of lens!

    looks like nx100 is going to be in the mix once i make my decision after photokina. which one to choose? new PEN, new mini-gf1, new nx100, nex7, new rumored nikon evil? not necessarily in that order. nikon evil is most promising at 17mm sensor…. the possibilities are endless.

  • coolpux

    hopefully it’s less ugly.

  • Din

    It could be like EX1-style camera.
    3 more lenses, total NX lenses = 6 in less of 1 year, not too bad.

  • Lauren

    I like Nikon but I will go no smaller than an APS-C sensor in a camera. If Samsung or Sony can bring out a FF Mirrorless I would be in heaven. If not I will wait to hear more about the Canon APS-H mirrorless that is coming. Small sensors stink!!!

  • Janets Kravitz

    Samsung please off in body shake reduction or image stabalization! It’s OK in lenses but would be way better in the camera body and reduce the prices of the lenses. It would also make the NX system way more appealing to shoot legacy glass on from other manufacturers. A huge selling point.

  • Luc

    I admire Samsung’s brave attempts but will also wait for upcoming Photokina announcements. I prefer a nice mirrorless camera from Nikon as it promises to be really small and it will allow me the same RAW/NX2-workflow as my D700-images.

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